Saturday, May 02, 2009

Another Weekend Retreat

There is nothing like a "needed" weekend retreat wif good frens. A drove us all there, thanks a lot guys!!. Felt like doing nothing...but it was really something!!

Made our our way to their house at 9:10am. For the first time, the four of us r heading to Fraser's Hill. First stop, Rawang R&R for breakfast. The place was quite full cos we gotta wait for our seats. Juz had simple breakfast like nasi lemak and hot drinks.

While we were on the road, we stopped n saw this nice dam/lake and made a quick stop. The scenery here is serene and peaceful! Took d opportunity to take pics and lucky thing, A brot along his tripod so that the 4 of us can take pics together...wat a gud idea!! After taking pics, we're on our way to F.Hill. There's no rush, so we took a leisure drive.

Reached the GAP but had to wait for about an hour to go up... up the winding roads. I was sleepy, so i slept on the way up and down...hehehe... It was sunny on the way up, but thankfully, the weather in Fraser’s didn't disappoint us - gorgeous overcast skies welcomed us. After stretching our legs and just taking in the pure air, we hopped into the car again for a drive n made a few stops to take pics.

It was fun cos we gotta take turns taking each other's pics n then pose. The buildings are mostly colonial architecture bungalows. And the revelling beauty of its fresh flowers here r healthy n abundance.

The famous clock tower

Tis is just in front of the Post office

We stopped by at Ye Old Smoke House to take pics. As we're about to go back to the car, A saved two small kittens from falling and tumbling down from its mommy, look at the cute cat-mommy.... S & A loves cat...n so does all of us were admiring those cute cats.

Golf Course
We made a stop at their souvenir shop and bought some fridge magnets. Had simple lunch and then took the 4pm gap to go back down....all d way to d winding down road.

A memorable experience. We reached KL at 5pm plus. And meet up again for dinner at Uptown.


Sweettooth said...

Eh tak spend a nite there? Nothing much pun but when u hv great company, nothing else matters, kan? We stayed at The Smokehouse the last time we went there, masa tu tgh pregnant Nazim. Took my parents up. Nothing to shout pun the Smokehouse tu...ok2 je.

Dazzelyn said...

i liked its environment & its a nice place 4 retreat lah...hehehe... at least all of us had been there!! dats wat matter most...hehehe...