Thursday, May 28, 2009

New foodie

I bought something new last week. An office colleagues bought this packet and asked her whether she brought it overseas but in actual fact, its sold in hypermarket, G. Apalagi, tanpa membuang masa...

I quickly bought it becos i want it to be a food that bee and i can munch while we're watching tv, etc (when we have early dinner). It can also be eaten with milk but eating it on its own is also nice, plus healthy, hehehe. No more munching on 'muruku' or crispy potatoes or other junk food....hehehe.

This week my sis-inlaw who juz came back from the States gave us this. Its huby's fave but since he's trying to control his food, he decided that i brought it to office and share it with frens.

And last but not least. I got the chance to buy Gardenia's latest product, the butterscotch! Yes, memang sedap di makan begitu sahaja. I lurved it!! I bought it and introduce it and share it with some of my ofis colleagues and they agreed, SEDAP!! Its soft, its sweet and its butterscotch!!

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