Monday, May 11, 2009

Al -Ansar Steakhouse

Last saturday we went to Keramat, after dropping my parents off to d wedding place. Bro n SIL took us to tis place called Al-Ansar for dinner. Its a bungalow house which they turn into a restaurant. Of course tis is a malay area so u can expect a lot of malays eat here. The restaurant was named after its nearby mosque, Masjid Al-Ansar.

The environment is okeylah. There were plenty of people dat nite but my bro said tis place is always running on full. The place is clean and service was quite fast.

They served a lot of western and some basic dishes on locals. I had chicken-chop and bee ordered grilled-chicken. The chicken meat is very tender (which i loike it so much) but i don't fancy its gravy but the chilli sos saved me...hehehe. We also ordered mushroom soup (bee n i share a bowl) and garlic toasted bread. The bread is good tho. Soup is also ok. Bro n his wife ordered fish n chips....erm i don't tink i would like the fish n chips. Prices r reasoanable lar....we're suppose to go dutch but my bro treated us. Thanks guys!

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