Thursday, May 21, 2009

A scare of my life...

It happened yesterday (20th May 2009). At approximately 1:15am or so, i was awaken by bee....i was awake d second time he called up my name but my eyes were still close...but i can sense that something's not right...

I got-up and he said he thinks he can't breath....i panicked!! I was so scared already. To cut d story i am at UMMC Emergency Ward...waiting for doctor to check him.

They quickly put him on ECG once they took his blood-pressure reading (which is quite high). The sight of him with all the blue wires, red wires, black wired; all over heart was pumping so fast, at that particular moment, i juz prayed to God that i'll be strong and not faint two knees had already gone wobbly when we were on the way to the hospital... Alhamdulilah, the ECG results were clear, meaning there's nothing wrong with his heart. In fact they checked it twice to be sure.

Next, doctor took some blood samples from one syringe... and put it in 4 small bottles. For the test results we have to wait for at least 2 hours. In the mean time, bee was resting on d bed and i was sitting beside him....

A lot of things kept playing on my mind....i'm in a 'calm' situation but a lot of things were going inside the brain of mine. All i could do is pray and keep on praying...keep thinking positively.

It was nearly 4am and the same doctor who attended him was very very nice. She came to take another blood sample, this time they wanted a blood sample from his arteries. He told me its very painful....(i know, my heart sank out for him)

After an hour or so, the results test came and all is positive. Meaning his kidney is good and there's nothing alarming. Doctor said no virus in blood and all seems good.

Next, they asked him to take an x-ray. An attendant push his bed to the x-ray room and waited for a few minutes. Test results, OK! Nothing alarming...alhamdulilah.

Lastly, nearly took his blood pressure and it had gone down slightly. She said she'll give a pill for him to take right away. After half and hour or so if the BP reading goes down again, he can go HOME. Wah!! I tell you.....the waiting is AGONY!! I hoped and prayed that he would not be admitted.

Alhamdulilah, after half an hour, doctor came and checked and he can go home. There will be a follow-up check-up for him and we'll have to see the doctor next week.

Its the most scariest time of my life and i'm thankful for those who have prayed for him. Now we MUST get our lifestyle modification in mode.

For at least 3 months, i'll have to start my 'no-salt' in cooking. Thank God all this while i've been using vegetable oil for my cooking, so that's a plus point. No more salty food. All have to be controlled. Beef is a no-no!!.
Bee told me that he's determine. I know we both can do it. We have to support each other. THANK YOU ALL, for your prayers and support. May GOD bless you and bless us all.


Sweettooth said...

OMG! Lyn!!! I didn't know! I'm so sorry to hear this. But syukur alhamdulillah he's ok now. Hey, both of you MUST really take care of yourselves ok...change eating habit and exercise regularly.

Dazzelyn said...

thank u so much. yeah....muz do sum changes...i know i can't be as slim as u...hehehe...but i'll try 2 eat healthy...heh...heh...