Thursday, August 28, 2008

Unic Seafood with the committee

Today the NSC committee were treated for seafood at Unic Seafood at PJ. My first time dining there. Menus, of courselah. our department yang choose, hehehe cos we're the core-team for organising tis meeting which happens twice a year.

Verdict : emm...if you compare the food at Lala Chong. I think Lala Chong is much better & tastier. But Unique's prawns and oyster were really really fresh.

Sharksfin Soup, biasa jer....i've tasted tastier ones

Steam Prawns (undeniably fresh)

Steam fish (dono wats d name of d fish, they said its sweet, but i beg to differ. i don't like the texture, i still prefer cod fish :)

Brocolli Vege & Scallops (biasa jer)

Baked oyster with cheese. I must say its my first time! Usually i take raw oyster with squeeze of lemon juice but this is the best so far!! Two thumbs up!!

Salted Egg Snow Crab. Oki-okilah.

Fried rice

Two types of dessert

Sakae Sushi

This week, i volunteered to cook for diner but huby pulak yang tak mau makan kat rumah. He said probably becos next week is Ramadhan, he thot this week, we'll just eat out.

Two days ago, after office we went to Sunway Pyramid. We're scouting for places to eat. Usually i'll give him the honour to choose cos when it comes to eating out huby's quite choosy. But thank god, when it comes to home-cooked food, he's a simple man, bless him!!

And i'm happy cos lately he's taking a liking to japanese food. He's especially lurves the 'chawanmushi' and 'soft shell crab'. We usually frequent Sushi K*** but two days ago, its his first time there but my second time (my first time was 2 years ago kot, hehe). We'd thot we'd tryout this place.

Bee's happy. The chawanmushi is much tastier and is ala-carte has so much choices and price quite reasonable too. I'm not being bias but other dishes memang tasty. Nampaknya, i have lotsa chance to frequent japs restaurant lah..hehehe.

Bite pieces of 'soft shell crab'

This chawanmushi is 5star!!

I just lurve this fried soft tofu with its sauce

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Eppy Besday Bro

Today's my bro's birthday. This year is going to be his 2nd year in the marriage life with my sis-inlaw. I wished him this morning and maybe we'll have d birthday dinner this weekend. Its gonna be a long weekend cos its Merdeka month.

I think this year the Merdeka celebration macam takda apa-apa jer. Donno why?? Tak ramai pun yang letak bendera banyak-banyak. So sad kan. But anyway the politics this time pun really sucks!! I've not been reading the newspapers lately and skipped the news... so heart sick. With somebody tryin hard to be the next PM..puiihh!! Watever it is, life goes on....and bee n i just wanna get on with our everyday life, peacefully. As long as we can go out, jalan-jalan, makan-makan, holiday-holiday peacefully jadilah.

2008 Merdeka Theme : Perpaduan Teras Kejayaan
Kepada semua warganegara Malaysia, Selamat menyambut Hari ke 51 tahun Merdeka. I'm proud to be a Malaysian and i'm proud with what Malaysia has achieved.
For those who liked to complain and complain and complain.....keluarlah dari Malaysia, pergilah duduk dan tinggal di negara lain, jangan menyusahkan orang lain :)

Monday, August 25, 2008

Durian Season

As it is, durian season is going to be over soon. I'm no big fan of durian but if there are servings, i'll definately not missed it. Usually my maximum will be 3-4 ulas durian (small ones lah).

I had durians at a relative house the other nite. The durians were creamy, not too sweet and so filling, that I can only ate 2 ulas. It was so delicious....emmm...

But lately, i've been getting big portions of durians. I do not know where they come from or which grade they are but they're pretty big!!

To eliminate the heatness after eating durians....drink-lah air cap badak...hehe..which was provided that nite. It was my first time drinking it....taste like normal water. And it sure doesn't feel heaty after that, hmm...air cap-badak memang works!!

MP3 Player

Yes, i wanna talk about MP3. I know a lot of you people out there know what is it lar....tapi don't be surprise cos there are people who do not know oki.....hehehe...(sapa yg baca jgn terasa yee...hehehe...PEACE!!)

For those in the dark, MP3 is what i called a way to release stress (beside retail therapylah). Years back, the only famous brands were of course IPod and now they have other major electrical brands. I've been eying to get one of those since 2005 but only now, i got the chance to own one. I don't want anyting too expensif or anyting too fancy. They said better late then never!!

With our new generation, MP3 is so common. Now they even have MP4 with those small screen where you can watch or music video. I prefer MP3 cos with my age, i don't need to watch the video from that tiny screen kan. In this technology world, i feel that i need to have one.

As time goes by, engineers design latest features, you'll get newer things like better sound quality, better grades of memory where you can store many songs, etc. They come out with better designs and better quality (more light weights, etc) too. There are so many brands that you can choose from, many designs and many types....depend on your own desire.

To me MP3 is an evolution man!! No more using walkman or cdman (its inconvenient!!). With walkman or cdman, you can't stash it in your pocket/handbag cos of the size but with MP3, you can!!.

With MP3/MP4, you can install music (download it from any website) Its an innovation gadget (of course i simply lurve gadgets) i think you should get one (for those music buffs), (please don't say you have family & have no time to listen to music). You can use MP3 during your workout or during your cooking time or maybe when you're waiting for somebody. With MP3, you can personalise the music you wanted and it can store thousands of songs.

Bee, thanks for the gift :)

Buy one for yourself or maybe for your kids who excel in their studies. Its a worth buy!!

My normal weekend

From friday nite i've been busy entertaining. My sister-inlaw (SIL) from Seremban came with her huby n 2 son's in tow. That nite we took them for diner at Strawberry Fields cos the son wanna eat western food. On saturday morning, we all went to Ikea for its morning breakfast. Later we went on our separate ways cos she had to bring her kids to Sunway Lagoon.

Both bee n me went to Mid Valley. After jalan-jalan and checking out Isetan at The Gardens, i couldn't find a thing i was looking for. Guess what we did spontaneously?! Both of us took the Komuter from Mid Valley to KL Sentral. From KL Sentral, we took an LRT to KLCC. Of course there were so many people in KLCC but i managed to jalan-jalan Isetan lah...hehe.

Then met my bro n his wife at K Avenue and had lunch at Burger Kings. After jalan-jalan lagi, took the LRT back to KL Sentral and the komuter back to Mid Valley. It rained heavily when we were in KLCC. We left Mid Valley around late evening. That nite, together with SIL & family, we all went to have dinner at Uptown.

On sunday, after breakfast at home and SIL pun balik to Seremban, huby took me to Sooka Sentral. The misson going there is actually to have dimsum at this very new 'halal' restaurant called Oriental Spoon that we read its good review in the Star. We reached quite early and since the restaurant only opens at 11:30am, we left the place cos by then we're too hungry and couldn't wait.

Note to you people who wanna go to Sooka Sentra. The disadvantage of the place is (1) its parking is expensive, it cost RM4.00 for the first hour and RM4.00 for subsequent hour...mahal giler!!! (2) the place is new, hence there wasn't much outlet there yet, probably cos its still new. We forsee that its gonna be another Centro...hehehe.

So we drove to OU to have our lunch at Jack's place. Later jalan-jalan and met my bro n his wife again. Had waffles & ice-cream at A&W and left quite late in the evening. Nite time, we saw the closing ceremony of Beijing Olympics and the final of Gangstarz.

Now my kaki quite sore cos banyak sangat jalan-jalan...hehe...

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Naili's Place

Naili's Place is a beach style cafe. They serve local & western cuisine. Has a rustic ambiance and we do like to dine there sometimes.


Squid Ring

Cucur Ikan Bilis

Spring Roll

Ubi Kayu rebus with kelapa manis & sambal

Main Dishes

Nasi Lemak

Nasi Goreng with fried chicken wing

Speghetti Chicken Bolognese

Pepperoni Pizza

Grilled Chicken Chop

Beef Steak

Speghetti with grilled salmon


Old Asia Cafe

Went to One Utama to purchase something at Jusco. It was after office and both our stomach is hungry. We usually eat early for dinner. Came across a new eatery place calle One Asia Cafe. They served 'halal' food, so we decided to tryout.

They served from Chinese cuisine to Thai and Vietnam plus some local & western dishes.

We ordered :-

Salt & Pepper Squid. (RM9.90) - Not bad but i wished the portion is more

Bee's Grilled Vietmese Chicken with rice (RM9.90 - Promotion) - not bad

My Curry Laksa (RM9.90) - also boleh tahan.