Saturday, August 09, 2008

Dinner with my parents

Here we go again. My parents anniversary being celebrated at the restaurant of papa's choice, wherelse, Johnny's steamboat restaurant. Went to One Utama after the maghrib prayers. And opps....i was so hungry until i forgot to take pictures. Tapi its d same ole thing mah.

Then as usual, went to A&W to have desserts. But this time no waffles. 1 couple had super-duper sundae and another 2 couples had Mr. Harmony which is actually a banana-split.

It was a warm nite and 1 tall-glass of root-beer is just not enough...
Reached my parents house nearly midnite. Its also the time we discussed about our outing next week with mu aunty from Kuching who is coming down to KL with her whole family.

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