Monday, August 04, 2008

X Files, I Want To Believe

After dinner at Bumbu Bali, we all adjourned to Sunway Pyramid to watch X Files movie. There were a long queue but unfortunately the tickets were sold-out. What did we do next? We adjourned to One Utama cos the chances to get tickets there are more as they have 2 cinema theatre. We settled at GSC. So lucky to get 6 tickets at 11:40pm show.

First of all, bee and i am not a big fan of X-files but since its 4 against 2, we settled for X-files. We didn't mind cos we're both movie buffs mah.

Genre :- science fiction

The plot :- Scully has returned to her medical practice, working in a religious hospital for sick children under the watchful eye of catholic clergy, while Mulder has holed himself up in a cabin clipping stories from newspapers, far away from the FBI, until a bizarre case breaks involving a physic and the call goes out to the pair to help the FBI with their investigation.

Verdict:- we both thinks that the show was only so-so. Even for those devout fan of X-files might be disappointed with this movie becos they don't show much about paranormal or supernatural thingy. Its like a normal crime-investigation show with very minimal suspense. Quite slow in the early scenes and to us its like an average TV series.

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