Monday, August 25, 2008

MP3 Player

Yes, i wanna talk about MP3. I know a lot of you people out there know what is it lar....tapi don't be surprise cos there are people who do not know oki.....hehehe...(sapa yg baca jgn terasa yee...hehehe...PEACE!!)

For those in the dark, MP3 is what i called a way to release stress (beside retail therapylah). Years back, the only famous brands were of course IPod and now they have other major electrical brands. I've been eying to get one of those since 2005 but only now, i got the chance to own one. I don't want anyting too expensif or anyting too fancy. They said better late then never!!

With our new generation, MP3 is so common. Now they even have MP4 with those small screen where you can watch or music video. I prefer MP3 cos with my age, i don't need to watch the video from that tiny screen kan. In this technology world, i feel that i need to have one.

As time goes by, engineers design latest features, you'll get newer things like better sound quality, better grades of memory where you can store many songs, etc. They come out with better designs and better quality (more light weights, etc) too. There are so many brands that you can choose from, many designs and many types....depend on your own desire.

To me MP3 is an evolution man!! No more using walkman or cdman (its inconvenient!!). With walkman or cdman, you can't stash it in your pocket/handbag cos of the size but with MP3, you can!!.

With MP3/MP4, you can install music (download it from any website) Its an innovation gadget (of course i simply lurve gadgets) i think you should get one (for those music buffs), (please don't say you have family & have no time to listen to music). You can use MP3 during your workout or during your cooking time or maybe when you're waiting for somebody. With MP3, you can personalise the music you wanted and it can store thousands of songs.

Bee, thanks for the gift :)

Buy one for yourself or maybe for your kids who excel in their studies. Its a worth buy!!

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