Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sakae Sushi

This week, i volunteered to cook for diner but huby pulak yang tak mau makan kat rumah. He said probably becos next week is Ramadhan, he thot this week, we'll just eat out.

Two days ago, after office we went to Sunway Pyramid. We're scouting for places to eat. Usually i'll give him the honour to choose cos when it comes to eating out huby's quite choosy. But thank god, when it comes to home-cooked food, he's a simple man, bless him!!

And i'm happy cos lately he's taking a liking to japanese food. He's especially lurves the 'chawanmushi' and 'soft shell crab'. We usually frequent Sushi K*** but two days ago, its his first time there but my second time (my first time was 2 years ago kot, hehe). We'd thot we'd tryout this place.

Bee's happy. The chawanmushi is much tastier and is ala-carte has so much choices and price quite reasonable too. I'm not being bias but other dishes memang tasty. Nampaknya, i have lotsa chance to frequent japs restaurant lah..hehehe.

Bite pieces of 'soft shell crab'

This chawanmushi is 5star!!

I just lurve this fried soft tofu with its sauce


BabyGD said...

selamat berpuasa... ;p amboi ni makan sushi nak balas dendam utk bulan poser ke?


allaboutattitude said...

yum yum! I love jap!