Monday, August 18, 2008

Sunday Outing

My aunty frm Kuching came down with her family for the school holidays. It is very rare to see her husband come down and actually wanna have holidays spent with the wife's family. But alhamdulilah, everything turn out well. Her itineraries were packed with outings with her other siblings too (altho some of the nieces/nephews could not make it).
Her saturdays have been booked by Uncle N. They went to see the KLCC twin-tower bridge and Petrosains. Initially those were our plans cos earlier that week, my family n i have brainstormed about the outings we gonna have on sunday. But since it has been taken, we quickly had a quick decision on other spots which Aunty L has not been to.

So on sunday, we fetched them at exactly 9:30am (everybody was punctual) and went straight to KL Tower. The crowd has not set in yet, so there is no queing up for tickets. We were at the observation tower for about half an hour. Of course you get to see the whole of Kuala Lumpur and the weather was good and the sky was clear, you get to see clearer view.

View from the observation tower

Outside KL Tower
Later, we went to Eye of Malaysia at Taman Tasik Titiwangsa. Fortunately the place is still open. They've extended the ride till end Oct 2008. Its fortunate again cos the queue was fast and short. Its my first time too and quite an experience lah.

Inside the gondola

View from the gondola

Everyone after the ride
Its nearly 1:00pm and its just nice for lunch time. Took a drove to Corus Hotel and had lunch at Dondang Sayang for their lunch buffet. Papa's treat. The food is tasty and we all enjoyed the food. Sat there for about 2 hours plus.

Dondang Sayang Coffee House
Later we adjourned to Islamic Art Museum. It was bee's idea since we know Aunty L's husband is into art and islamic ideas for his furniture business. The entrance fee is RM12 for adult and RM8.00 for child and 'warga-emas'. We spent at least 1 hour plus as the place is interesting with islamic artifact from overseas. After taking picture and all, we sent them back to their hotel.

Outside view of the Islamic Art Museum

We picked them up later at 8pm to have dinner at Johnny's Steamboat Restaurant at One Utama. Since in the afternoon we all had heavy lunches, we thot having steamboat is a nice balance for the nite time. Furthermore, Aunty L's husband likes soupy-soupy dishes (as a host kenalah peka dengan guest's taste kan). They enjoyed the food nevertheless.

We sent them back to their hotel at 10:30am. After sending them back, we all head back to my parent's house for our post-mortem about the day's event. We're all very satisfied becos everybody enjoyed themselves. Mama suggested that she wants to call them to the house for supper on Tuesday. Hope it goes as planned.


Sweettooth said...

tudia!!! makan sakan...syioknyer!!! greetings fr Sydney ;). Sempat jengah your blog lagi.

Dazzelyn said...

cayalah u!! Njoy Syd to d max ok!