Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday nite gathering

It has been a long long long time since we last had 'saturday nite gathering' at my late grandma's house in Kelanajaya. During our teens, we used to frequent the place to gather with all the aunties, uncles and cousins!! There'll be a big feast (everybody will pot-luck) and black 'kampung' coffee will be served!! There'll be lots of noice cos lots to catch up with each other. Everybody will come and sit everywhere in the house from the floors to every available chairs. From the main hall to the dining hall, there'll be people. Many topics will be covered from family, politics, work-place, cooking, latest gossips, etc...etc. And most of all its also a time to bond. Everybody goes home after midnite, usually in the wee morning.
Boy!! I missed those days, and surprisingly so does huby. He did had the chance to be in the crowd during those days. Now my grandma and an elder auntie has passed-away, the house no longer has that much 'life' to it. We still make your trip there once in awhile when we have time to visit another auntie who is stayin there.

Last saturday, i got the chance to meet my other cousins which we only meet nowadays during hari raya. Altho the atmosphere is not the same but the havoc is still there. I can tell you, the neighbours might be cursin' at us. We're so loud with our laughters and conversation cos when my bro n wife came, he said our voices can be heard miles away, hehe. Even when its time to go back, we're sort of dragging our feet cos it was so much fun!!

The food. Ada macam-macam malam tu.

The cousins!!!!

Last but not least , the merapu pose...hehe.

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Sweettooth said...

hey! how come we're not invited?? saja kacau2 jer, u know lah i kan, if invited and i'm free i'll go, otherwise, i'm ok with it.