Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Bowling & Makan

Last two fridays ago, the SOD team went for Bowling at Pyramid Mega Lane. We left the office after 4pm. Played 3 games. Objective of this gathering is 'bonding'.

The 'SOD's

Its been a long-long time since i last bowled, so u can imagine that many a time, my bowling ball went into the drain....hehehe... The rest also got the same thing (bola masuk longkang, hehe). Imagine there were 6 girls with 1 male (our ahboss).

After bowling, adjourned to Manhattan Fish shop for dinner. We ordered (to be shared) 2 sets of Fisherman's platter for 2. Mussles with creamy cheese and fried mushroom. Yummy.

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