Saturday, August 09, 2008

Ate free at TGIF at The Curve

We went to Ikea to scout and buy a chest-drawer. Bee still have his RM200 Ikea voucher and we have to use it before it expires. Later, we jalan-jalan the Curve's flea market. I bought a croc 'look-alike' shoe for only RM15 and it was so comfy. But of course i donno how long it will last lah....haha.

Its comfy, its cheap and its only RM15.00

Then both of us wanted to eat not gona be Bubba Gump. We went and surveyed Tony Romas, Manhattan Fish shop, Marche, Dome, the Apartment, you name it, alas we end up in TGIF. Only becos they've got a new menu plus this is the first time we are eating at TGIF at the Curve.

Bee is especially happy becos their new menu has a 'halal' logo plus the new menus have many interesting new dishes but unfortunately bee's fave the 'seafood platter' has been omitted.

We're so eager to try their new Mac & Cheese. And since both of us didn't feel like having heavy meals, we ordered some simple food.

Our Mac & Cheese is good especially their salsa sauce that goes with it. But you know what happened? Huby took the first bite and took out something plasticky and sharp (regretted didn't take a pic of it). He showed it to me and after inspecting it, i think its like you cut out a plastic container and a piece of plastic went inside it. I called the waitress and told her that it is so dangerous if we were to swallow it, no kidding!! She came back with their GM, Nicol Roach Reddy. He said this is the first time and he apologize about it. The chef admitted and apologises that its their fault and told us that he will do a new and fresh ones.

The first plate that we received.

The fresh newly made Mac & Cheese

Later our shrimp & chips came. We both just loved its batter plus the dozen of shrimps were simply fresh!! Then our new Mac & Cheese came. This time i asked the GM whether he's gona give a discount for our meals....and he said, our meals are on the house!! Wah!! Rezeki jangan ditolak!! Furthermore we always eat at TGI, so we're just so happy. Altho we also thank the Almighty for not swallowing the plastic.

Went to Cupcake Chic and bought 2 pieces of Cupcake for my parents's anniversary. Don't feel like buying a cake cos its gonna be only family small celebration.


Sweettooth said...

i actually hv the same pair of shoes but chocolate in colour, bought in Subang Parade fleamarket last year and Rehan bought a pink or baby blue pair, also at the same place.

mine had travelled with me to bali lagi :).

Dazzelyn said...

hehehe...certain things kita same taste kan...hehe...but damn comfy...dats d best sumore..hehe