Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ah Boss B'day

Today is our ah boss birthday. But since he's not in today and tomoro cos he has to attend some workshop in Shangri-la, KL, we decided to have his cake yesterday.

I ordered cup-cake from Wondermilk. I've been wanting to tryout their b'day range. I ordered the Maxi25, coffee flavoured. We ordered 2 weeks ago for the 29th but since ahboss was away, last minutely i had the date changed to the 28th. And since their delivery is very late, i had to go and collect the cuppies via cab with my colleague. Who wants to drive to Uptown with this raining season?? Taking a cab was much easier and faster.

After collecting the cuppies, we called all the colleagues who were still around during the late evening. Surprisingly, my boss loved the cuppies, in fact he was impressive, hehehe, tak sangka pulak. I thot i wanted something different.
I think its too much sweet for me, even d cake is sweet, i could not eat all, i just had half. But the rest kinda like it....funny!

All went well!

Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bubba Gump, Shrimp-Company Restaurant

We've been waiting for this USA chain restaurant for quite sometime. I was told by a fren that its coming to KL but donno when. Then last 2 weeks, as i took my parents to Waroeng Penyet, we saw that restaurant is finally going to open in few days.
This morning, hubby n me took my parents for breakfast at Village-Park Restaurant in D'sara Uptown. We all had their nasi-lemak and roti bakar (i share nasi lemak with bee). The food is not that superb lar but we just liked the crowd & their roti bakar.
Later we adjourned to Ikea around 10:30am and jalan-jalan. Then we went to The Curve. Its lunch time and we bought our parents to Bubba Gump. Since we wanted to eat inside the restaurant, we had to wait for a few minutes while being called-in (they served u refreshments while waiting). Who wants to eat outside when its so hot??!

Since lately, i haven't have a great appetite to eat, i thot i would just share with bee. He ordered shrimp baked with garlic butter, jack cheese and crab-meat. Mama had chicken chop and Papa had fish and chips. Bee forced me to order, so i pathetically ordered their clam chowder soup.

Verdict: Serving was particularly huge (maklumlah American size). The staff is still new and under training so the service was a bit kelam-kabut altho they are very friendly and attentive. Our food came in no time. We got a good seat, al-fresco style at the verandah. Price was a bit steep (on par with TGIF and Chilli's). Papa's portion was generous and he could not finished them. Mama finished her meal altho with us all trying a bit here and there. Bee's meal was ok, he said the cheese was a bit on the salty side for him and the shrimp was not that cooked. Maybe the kitchen is still new. My clam chowder was ok with lots of clams thrown in. The garlic butter and coleslaw is sedap!

If you want them to serve/attend u, put on "Stop Forest Stop"

When you're done with the waiter/waitresses, put up the blue sign.

Before we ordered, Papa wanted us all to try their desserts which looked so tempting. But after having our meals, there is no more room for them, i guess, hehe... We even had to tapau back some of the fish n chips cos it was a lot and even the 4 of us couldn't finished them.
Our advise, if you wanna eat there, you have to be really really hungry (have a really good appetite) or share your meals. Then maybe you can indulge with their desserts.

Its a new place, we would still wanna come back and try their other shrimp dishes and other specialities. Bee said their steak n ribs looks tempting (too bad I'm banning him from eating red-meat for at least a few months, hehe).

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Road to Recovery

I'm back to work only today. Was on medical leave for 2 days. Last Sunday all my in-laws came and visited us. In the evening i suddenly got high fever and flu. Monday went to see the doctor and she gave me 2 days off from work. For the 2 days, i just rest and rest and rest. Bee also did the same.

Both of us are on the road to recovery. I must say that bee is much more stronger then i am. He's more positive and more optimistic. I on the other hand is still on the weaker side and really have no energy to do anything except some easy house-work. Bee is the one who's been helping me to clear the dishes, sometimes wash the dishes, sweeps the floor and made the bed....he's such a blessing.

My work-place is in such a disasterous state. Lots of pending work to do...n i must say it sucks!! Probably cos i'm still on medication and also my throat is still tasteless. I hardly eat, tapi weight tak pulak turun-turun, heran betul!!

Hoped & prayed that we'll get better and well soon, insyallah!!

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Longest day of my life!

Yesterday, monday, 14th April 2008 was truly the longest day of my life! I was awaken at 6:00am by bee. He said his gum was bleeding. As i woke up, i noticed the pillow and the t-shirt he was wearing for sleeping has blood on it. He was trying to put pressure on the gum to stop the bleeding. At the same time he sprained his back but nothing major, that's why I decided that i should take leave to tend to him.

Since the blood sort of stopped, we bought nasi lemak for breakfast, have it at home and laze around the house. Then he complained that the blood keep coming out and we decided to go to the nearest dentist. We went to one dentist in Bukit Jelutong but unfortunately its open at 5pm. So we drove to TTDI and found Dr. Indra's dentist. The clinic was supposed to be closed for lunch at 12:30pm but we managed to catch hold the doctor at 12:15pm. The doctor could not find anything wrong with the gum but since she do not want to make any hasty surgery, she suggested that we go to the nearest GP clinic and check bee's blood pressure. By this time bee's gum-bleeding still could not stop. We went to Mediviron Clinic and check with Dr. Sharifah. She checked bee's blood pressure and it is on the high side. She suggested that we go and check with Selangor Medical Centre where we should see a physician that she recommended. Thinking that bee's case wasn't that serius, we all went back home to have lunch.

Earlier on i have prepared porridge by using the slow-cooker. We bought ice and get bee to put the ice on his gum to stop the blood. After resting for about 45minutes, we had our lunch. We were sitting at the hall watching TV when bee said that the bleeding on his gum wouldn't wanna stop. Since he looked worried and wanted to see the doctor again, we went to Mediviron Clinic again. Another doctor, Dr. Josh attended to us. He sort of refused to give bee medicine to stop the bleeding becos of his high-blood pressure. He suggested that we go and check with the hospital.

We went back home, pack some of bee's overnite stuff (thinking that he might be admitted) and left to Darul Ehsan Medical Centre. I suggested the place as i thot it will be easier for me to commute from the house in-case bee got admitted (its nearer to the house). We reached the Emergency ward around 4:45pm. We were quickly taken into the ward and an MO and doctor attended to bee. Later around 6:00pm, doctor confirmed that he has to be admitted. This is where i started to worry! I text my sister-inlaw who's working in tourism just to keep her in the loop. The next thing I know, she informed her whole family. I started to become emotional. I called my brother to inform him of the situation and told him not to tell my parents. I don't want my fragile parents to get worried becos of this news. As i go thru the hospital process, register, paid the deposits, etc, they put bee in the wheelchair and take him to the 4th floor. We requested for a 2 bedroom suite and i must say i'm impressed with the place.

I tried to put my worries aside altho my heard was pounding like only God knows. My brain was working so fast i donno what i was doing/thinking. I suddenly have so much energy and think to myself that i have to be strong for bee. Good to know that i didn't really panic cos bee was quite calm and i need to be calm for him too. I know he worries for me but for now he has to get well soon.

As bee settles-down in his room, i decided to buy him dinner. Its was right after maghrib and luckily it was just a walking distance to McDonalds. So i had my dinner there and tapau chicken porridge for him. As i walked back towards the hospital, i saw Kak Ngah and Abang. Took them to the 4th floor and Dr. Rahman was attending to bee. He said bee has to be refferred to GH Klang becos there wasn't any dentist specialist in their hospital and they do not want to put bee into un-necessary surgery.

At that very moment, i felt that time was very very loonng. The process of the doctor to issue a letter for the hospital and waiting for the documents is very very long, i think nearly one hour plus. By that time, my mother inlaw and another sister inlaw was already there, all the way from Seremban. As i collected my deposit (with some deduction of course), we drove to GH Klang.

As we're about to leave DEMD, my brother came with his wife. So we all convoied together. Since nobody knows the place, bee had to show them the route. I was with bee and Abang. MIL with the other 2 SIL and bro with wife, 3 cars altogether. I have to leave our car at the hospital as its not feasible to go with so many cars. It was really a long journey, i never knew that GH Klang is very very far from Shah Alam.

Reached the Emergency ward and bee was quickly taken in. Since only 1 person is allowed to go in, i followed. Later i called in Abang. He was the one who attended mostly with the doctor and MO. Blood pressures were taken and questions were asked. Later the doctor said he had to take bee's blood to check on the compostion of his blood, it takes one hour for the results. I was going in and out of the room, check out on huby and then updates my inlaws. Only later the dentist, Dr. Siti came and attends huby. It took awhile for her to decide a small stich on huby's gum. I watched from far (as i'm scarred of blood and needles) but Abang was there to attend to bee. Alhamdulilah, the doctor managed to stop the blood. It seems that there is a small tear in between bee's front lower teeth, hence the blood vessel tore and gush out blood. Plus the extra worries that he had in his head that makes his blood pressure rise high. I can't tell you how glad i was when i know that bee doesn't have to be admitted and can go home!! Alhamdulilah!! Alhamdulilah!! Alhamdulilah!

By the time i reached DEMC with my bro and his wife, it was already 12:30am. I drove back home and reached safely. It was indeed the longest day of my life! I have so many people that i'm thankful for. Firstly of course to GOD, all my inlaws for their support and my bro n wife plus all the doctors, nurses, medical officers who helped him sincerely. May Allah repay you all, amin.

I'm taking leave today to attend to bee. This morning i woke up at 6am and check on bee's gum, alhamdulilah, no bleeding. Get up, cooked porridge. Later i'm going to Tesco to buy some grocerries. Doctor's advised bee to only take soft food, no brushing teeth for 3 days, eat only cold food, no hot stuff and lotsa rest. My mother inlaw called as i was typing this blog. Everyone's glad that he's getting better, insyallah. For everybody, THANK U SO MUCH!

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Reaching For The Stars

Have you read the book by Dr. Sheikh Muszaphar, the angkawasan? I read it last week and it warmth one's heart. Go buy the book and read it during your casual time, its affordable at only RM20.00.

The book, entitled 'Reaching for the Stars', is originally a piece of work by Sheikh Muszaphar’s younger brother, the late Sheikh Mustapha Shukor (Ajil), before his unfortunate death, few days after Dr. Muszaphar’s landing from the outer space.

After reading it, i guess Dr Muszaphar (Amus) decided to publish the book as a tribute to his brother. It is so amazing to see how close the two have been and they have a close unit family and i admire the way their father instilled disciplines to the 5 boys.

This story written by the late brother is depicting the journey of being the first Malaysian to reach the space. Ajil slipped into a coma after a fall and as fate would have it, he passed away after 'Amus' returned to earth. Ajil adored his older brother and has been the once who gave solid encouragement on this mission. Amus found transcript of what Ajil wrote about the journey and pictures of Amus pasted on the walls. Amus decided to finish the book with the help from other siblings and Ajil's wife.
At the end of the book, i've got tears in my eyes becos i think it is very touching. How GOD has HIS own ways to do things and like 'Amus' said, GOD has HIS own reason for everything!
"The touching effort to complete a labour of love interupted by tragedy" - quote.

Waroeng Penyet

Finally last saturday, bee and i get to sample the place. We ordered a set of the ayam penyet, sup buntun (oxtail soup) and gado-gado with 2 sets of rice. I had Sosro Tea while bee had es gembira.

My verdict for the tea....ewww....sorry ya, not to my liking! I find it a bit bitter. Bee luves his drink and it did made him happy!!

I didn't expect the restaurant to be like a 'fast-food' concept. I expected more. But we still go ahead and try cos i read in Sweettooth's blog, memang nampak sedap!

I liked the ayam penyet, sedap!! But eeww...not the soup. I can't take it cos i think the soup taste too beefy. Yes, true, i don't take meat but i can usually sample its soup or kuah. But this one's taste too strong. The gado-gado memang sedap.
We'll still gonna give it a second try this weekend. I'm taking my parents there cos my dad liked Indon food. So we'll see how nanti.

Monday, April 07, 2008

My Sister-inlaw's deco collections

Last saturday, i went back to my mom-inlaw's place. Coincidently my sister-inlaw (huby's twins) invited us for tea. I took the opportunity to take some pics of her house which i have been wanting to do for quite some time. I thinks its tastefully done and cozy.

Her house concept is English and i just admired her collection of house-deco. Of course she's got all the advantage to buy nice deco things becos she works in the airline. Whenever she goes overseas, she get to buy those nice stuff. Plus she likes buying deco mags, so i'm sure she gets ideas from there too besides her interest in decorating.

She bought the house in Rasah-Kemayan for few years already. We used to stay together when we were renting and stayed in USJ. Those were the days. But i so tak sempat wanna take her kitchen, her another dining hall, her 2nd hall and her front yard. Maybe another day.

Flower Collections

My sister-inlaws have the penchant for flowers. There were everywhere in her house. Here are some of the pics. She loves roses and hydreagen (i think that's the name) mostly.

Plate Collections

Some of the plate collections that i managed to capture. I mentioned 'some' that means banyak lagi, tapi tak sempat nak amik. Mind you, these are only frm the ground floor. I didn't have the time to take pic of her the second floor.

Tea Pot Collection

These are some of my sister-inlaws' tea-pot collections. I think she gets the interest from my mom-inlaw who has vasts collection of teapots. Maybe one fine day i'll find the time to take some pics.

I have to admit that i do admire her collection of boxes. They're adorable.

You'll be surprised, she bought this box in Nilai 3 and its only RM30!!

Looks like its from overseas but its from Nilai 3!!

The cages are nice for deco kan.

Friday, April 04, 2008

J.Co Donut & Jack's Place

Got my increment letter yesterday. Alhamdulilah, better then last year. This afternoon went out lunch with huby. Went to Sunway. Later i thot of buying a dozen of J.Co donuts to sort of 'sedekah' for my office-colleagues. I end up buying 2 dozens of the same flavours!! But, no, its not for me, all of em are for the guys in the office....for tea-timelah.

Tup-tup huby paid for it. He said nevermindlah, i yang happy get increment but he wanna pay for it...hmmm...i pun okeylar, hehe.

I'm still recovering from my fever. I do not have my 100% energy yet....i'm hoping it will come back soon!! I haven't been having good appetite to eat but i do eat to ensure that i have energy.

Last monday, when i was at home on medical leave the whole day, huby came back home and said that we go out for western food. He thot that it could give me appetite to eat. So we head off to Sunway Pyramid and wanted to try out Jack's Place there. I liked the ambiance but this time the food is so-so. Probably i was too sick to taste food but i guess its gona be a long time before our next dine in Jack's Place.

I had fish n chips...wats new??

bee's chicken n beef grilled

Oya, i've uploaded some pic in my previous blog. That's all folks. Have a great weekend!