Sunday, April 27, 2008

Bubba Gump, Shrimp-Company Restaurant

We've been waiting for this USA chain restaurant for quite sometime. I was told by a fren that its coming to KL but donno when. Then last 2 weeks, as i took my parents to Waroeng Penyet, we saw that restaurant is finally going to open in few days.
This morning, hubby n me took my parents for breakfast at Village-Park Restaurant in D'sara Uptown. We all had their nasi-lemak and roti bakar (i share nasi lemak with bee). The food is not that superb lar but we just liked the crowd & their roti bakar.
Later we adjourned to Ikea around 10:30am and jalan-jalan. Then we went to The Curve. Its lunch time and we bought our parents to Bubba Gump. Since we wanted to eat inside the restaurant, we had to wait for a few minutes while being called-in (they served u refreshments while waiting). Who wants to eat outside when its so hot??!

Since lately, i haven't have a great appetite to eat, i thot i would just share with bee. He ordered shrimp baked with garlic butter, jack cheese and crab-meat. Mama had chicken chop and Papa had fish and chips. Bee forced me to order, so i pathetically ordered their clam chowder soup.

Verdict: Serving was particularly huge (maklumlah American size). The staff is still new and under training so the service was a bit kelam-kabut altho they are very friendly and attentive. Our food came in no time. We got a good seat, al-fresco style at the verandah. Price was a bit steep (on par with TGIF and Chilli's). Papa's portion was generous and he could not finished them. Mama finished her meal altho with us all trying a bit here and there. Bee's meal was ok, he said the cheese was a bit on the salty side for him and the shrimp was not that cooked. Maybe the kitchen is still new. My clam chowder was ok with lots of clams thrown in. The garlic butter and coleslaw is sedap!

If you want them to serve/attend u, put on "Stop Forest Stop"

When you're done with the waiter/waitresses, put up the blue sign.

Before we ordered, Papa wanted us all to try their desserts which looked so tempting. But after having our meals, there is no more room for them, i guess, hehe... We even had to tapau back some of the fish n chips cos it was a lot and even the 4 of us couldn't finished them.
Our advise, if you wanna eat there, you have to be really really hungry (have a really good appetite) or share your meals. Then maybe you can indulge with their desserts.

Its a new place, we would still wanna come back and try their other shrimp dishes and other specialities. Bee said their steak n ribs looks tempting (too bad I'm banning him from eating red-meat for at least a few months, hehe).


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allaboutattitude said...

Ooh! you convinced me to go visit the restaurant.
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Sweettooth said...

i passed by this place last week and tak sabar nak try it out. at least i know how to order, tq dear.