Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Viral Fever

I'm at home now, all alone. Feeling bored and hence typing out this blog while watching AF repeat concert. I took 2 days medical leave cos having a viral fever. Feeling hungry and body too weak to whip up food, so i called McDonalds delivery and ordered porridge. I ate 2 bowls of porridge. Huby went outstation. The weather outside, windy and gonna rain anytime soon.

It actually started with a sore-throat on sunday. Actually 2 days before that, i've got the feeling that my body is weak. I got a slight flu. Usually i will self medicate. I took 2 panadols and a flu tablet. On Saturday, it was okey.

Friday, i met my yoga-slim cousin 'sweettooth' at Sunway Pyramid. We've been planning this outing since early this year. Her birthday was in January and we have been pending this outing for quite some time. I've been keeping her b'day gift for some time plus b'day gift for her daughter since december!! So much to gossip about but so little time, hehe. We had our dinner at a new place called The Pancake House, originate from Philippines. I tasted 'sweettooth' pancake and they were so soft and delicious. My fried chicken and tako was good too. Later we jalan-jalan and gosip-gosip. Our last stop was at J.co Donut to have some coffee and tea (for me) and continued old-times stories. I do had a good time....how time flies...

On Saturday, went out with a couple fren to Naili's at Uptown. It was our first time there, we dine once in Naili's in USJ. Hmm..didn't quite like the place cos we find it too dim...not much light...i couldn't even see what was i putting in my mouth. Anyway, i ordered nasi goreng special....and its not so good. Hubby ordered nasi lemak...he said it wasn't good too. I forgotten to take photos until someone mentioned, by then, we're already half way thru eating already, sigh.

Since the nite is still young, we decided to check out KL!! Wah, its been a long time since we last 'tengok lampu' di KL. We parked our car at the Uptown pay carpark and hop into our couple fren's car. First stop, Maju Junction. "A" mentioned that we should check out 'Cotton-Club'. Parked the car and went up...tup-tup....there isn't any gig happening at that place for 6 months already!!! Toing!! We left that place and went round Heritage road...could not see anything interesting. Last stop, Concorde Hotel. Didn't feel like lepaking at Crossroad, the live-band show, so we end up lepaking at Melting Pot. Just had cake, sandwiches and coffee. By midnite we're off back home.

On Sunday, i'm supposed to see another cousin but unfortunately i was so down with fever i had to postponed that meeting. I hoped and prayed that i will get well soon.

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Sweettooth said...

take care, but don't eat too much porridge ler.