Friday, March 28, 2008

Food in Shenzen & HK

Before i left for Shenzen and HK, people said their food is not so good. Expect bland and soupy dishes. Surprisingly, the food is very very sedap. Not only for the muslim food, my frens who had non-muslim food said the food is very tasty.

MAS offer a choice of white rice with sweet-sour fish or

Chicken sausage with potatoes and vege.

Popeye's fried shrimp with chips and coke at Hong Kong airport.

18th nite dinner

19th Lunch

19th Dinner-time! The best food so far.

For our farewell dinner, we had extra special dishes. Went to a seafood restaurant where the food is so fresh and sweet.

Fried prawns

Steamed Abalone!! Yum-yum..

Steam scallop with soohoon n garlic....perhh, out of this world!!

Sweet n sour sedappp

Steam fish...donno wat fishlar..hehehe

Fried squid...pun sedap

Kailan Osyster Sauce..mcm biasa jer

Plain fried rice...biasa jer..

Breakfast at Eaton hotel, HK

HK - KUL, MAS offered fried rice with braised chicken.


Sweettooth said...

u r lucky coz the company pays for all the grand lunches and dinners..yumyum... if nak cari sendiri yg halal tu harusss susah giler!

Dazzelyn said...

hehehe...betol tu. Azmi/Saba pi HK pun susah cari halal food...i think its a major problem for us kan if we go anywhere...sigh..