Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Toast Box & Chilli's

Yesterday, i sort of forced bee to take leave (hehe) cos i took leave for today. I wanna go jalan-jalan at Pavillion. Can't get enough of that place, furthermore Parkson is having sale.

As usual we reached there at 10:30am, wanted to take our breakfast at The Loaf but their portion is hefty and hence we opt for smaller portions instead, we had our breakfast for the first time at Toast Box at the Food Republic. We're curious to know whats nice there. Bee treated!! We took a set each which consist of coffee, a set of roti-bakar and half-boil egg which cost RM6.80 per set. And ordered 2 bungkus of nasi lemak. Boleh tahan lah the nasi lemak altho we find it too expensive for a small portion at RM2.50. The eggs came out perfectly and the roti bakar's butter n kaya is generous filling. I had kopi o and bee had kopi and they're really good. The portion made us full till lunch.

Sempat beli J-Co donut for my dessert at home. But after today, i don't think i will 'mengidam' for donuts for months to come....donno why lar....muak pulak.

Actually the reason i had to go to Pavillion is becos the shoe that i wanted so badly can only be found in Nike Pavillion. Yesterday i make a few calls to Nike shops in Sunway, Subang Parade, The Curve, Ikano, BSC, KLCC and they're all either out of stock or no size. Alas, i got my simple Mary Jane and it fit me perfectly!! So now i hope i would not have problems with shoes anymore.

Dah habis satu Pavillion jalan-jalan, bee suggested that we go KLCC since he hated going there during weekends. Went to Isetan and wanted to survey my wallet which has already given way. The old wallet that i've been carrying till now was bought in 1995, when we're still courting. It has lasted for a very very long time. I still remembered he bought me a Hilly for my birthday at Sogo, KL. I have been getting wallets for gifts but my fave is still that Hilly. I had scouted for another Hilly to replace it but not to my taste, i've been looking at other brands, tapi tak berkenan. I thot if i'd survey the price here and do comparison then maybe when i'm in Hong Kong, i can decide whether to buy it here or there. Entah macam-mana terberkenan a Balenciaga wallet at a 30% discount, bee said belilah nanti menyesal. So that's what i did!!

Jalan punye jalan punye jalan sampai perut pun perlu di-isi. Bee said he wanted to sample the appetiser in Chilli's. We found a nice view seating which is facing the KLCC lake. If you go during lunch or dinner time, chances is you can't choose seats. It was 3.30pm and the place is not that packed. We had 'triple-play' which consists of 3 pcs of yummy fried chicken breast, 4 pcs of guacomole with its jack-cheese and 5 pcs of buffolo wings with their dip sauce. Later we ordered 1 main-dish. I told bee that we had to share it cos Chilli's served large portion and i can never finished it. We had a rib with chicken breast combo. Itupun tak habis! Tapau the appetiser.

We left KL before 5pm cos bee wanna beat the jam. Guess what we had for dinner? We had J-Co donuts and 2 pcs of guacomole which we tapau-ed back from Chilli's. The stomach is still very full. Imagine i tak habiskan 1 more piece of donut....just cannot!!!

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