Friday, March 07, 2008

New Lala Chong Restaurant & Polling

Ah Boss took us to the new Lala Chong, i think the place is somewhere near Ara Damasara. The place is clean and airy. The food is as tasty as the old Lala Chong. We ordered lala soup, salted prawns, fried squid, paku sambal, sizzling taufu and black pepper venison for ah boss and 'M'. Since there's only 5 of us, we didn't order fish or chicken. The lala today is so 'bloddy' fresh and must mentioned here oso, its size is big too!! Altho not many variety but at the end of the session, our stomach is so bloated!!

Tomorrow is polling day. Please vote for 'Stability'. I'm sure those who value peace in the country will vote wisely. I can't wait to do my part tomorrow. My voting place will be in Kelana Jaya. After voting, hubby and me will drive back to Seremban cos he's voting place is in Bukit Chedang. I wish everybody 'Selamat Mengundi' - Undilah dengan bijak!

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