Friday, March 14, 2008

Jack's Place

After office-hours yesterday, bee n i went to One Utama. I needed to alter my jeans which i bought at the Just Jeans outlet months ago. There were so many people becos its school holiday and sale time again, hence the place were quite pack with people.

We were walking towards the new wing and trying to figure out where to eat. There were so many places to choose from but i'm quite 'muak' with fast-food already and Secret Recipe and Fish & Co doesn't look tempting at that moment.

I wanted to take a peep at the 'Wh' when we saw people queing up at 'Jack's Place'. We always passed by this place but never had the 'temptation' to wanna go in. We thot we'd just browse thru their menus and see what's nice. Entah macam-mana we decided to give it a try.

I'm not being bias here but this place rocks!! The food received bee and my 2 thumbs up. Bee orded the dinner set which offered shrimp cocktail, garlic bread, mushroom soup, grilled rib-eye steak with scallop, coffee/tea and dessert of the day. Initially i wanted to order the set too but then i know that i would not be able to finish my main dish and i'll just share bee's other dishes. I ordered fish n chips....duh!! What else could i order lar....hehehe

The toasted garlic bread came first, memang tasty (like the normal ones you tried in other restaurants lah). Then the shrimp & chicken cocktail. The thousand island is sooo delicious unlike the normal ones that we always had. We wiped out everyting and came the mushroom soup......perhhh.....sedapnya!! We're thinking, eh, not bad jugak this place. But we don't wanna put high hope.

Then my main dish came. The breaded-crumb on my fish were so incredibly sedap!! The fish, not to over-cooked and juicy. Their tar-tar sauce must have been home-made cos its soooo sedap!! They were generous with their fries and salad. Later bee's main dish pulak came. I took a bite on his saute vege....i've never tasted a perfectly cooked vege....its not overcooked, the carrot and long beans were cruncy and tasty. Bee said he gives 9 out of 10 for his beef!! Wow!! He knows he's beef, so i know the beef must've been good! I took a bite of the corn on the cob....itupun sedap....crunch and juicy. I think the cook must have make sure that everything on the place is of good quality! No wonderlar....this restaurant originated from Singapore. They surely have high-standard on their food preparation.

We're thinking, how come we didn't discover this place earlier despite reading its review from magazines/newspapers and other people's blog.....but now we know we're gonna be their regulars...hehehe, maybe in 2 weeks time ke?? The bills came out to a surprisingly very very 'reasonable'!! They have another outlet in Sunway Pyramid's Oasis Boulevard. There's so much more other dishes to tryout. Can't wait!!


Sweettooth said...

I did review this place more than once I think, and yes, I love Jack's Place too.

Dazzelyn said...

hehe...i kan ke late blommer....hehe..