Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just Heavenly Cake

Today is one of SOD's girl birthday. Ah boss asked me to order cake since last week. We put in 3 names on the cake cos all of their b'day falls in March. I ordered Oreo Cheese Cake, cost RM88 and delivery charges is RM20. Total RM108.00
All these while we have been ordering cakes from Secret Recipe and i think i've got enough of their cakes. Of course their cheese cakes are un-deniably sedap but i've tried all their cakes flavours till there's none to try. For a change, why not give 'Just Heavenly' a try.

The nice package

The simple looking cake.

Birthday girls.

Review of cake : Out of 10 people, 10 would say 'delicious'. Very nice, the texture is not rich but yet full of flavours and cheesy which is not too heavy. Makan banyak pun tak rasa muak. Ah boss puji cake sedap, yeah!! I'm glad most of them liked it. I lurve it too. Next time, i'll definately order from 'Just Heavenly'....just worth it!!


Sweettooth said...

Oh I love Just Heavenly, but didn't know they do delivery as well. Wanna go to Robinson's Ladies Nite Sale tonite? Jom jumpa sana!!! I can send u home.

Dazzelyn said...

haiya, tnite kanot. I'm meeting azmi/sabaq.....she wana pesan sumtin from h.kong....aiya... yeah, i knew abt d sale but den its far lar pulok!! ciss!! Told u wat, dat we've got same taste...hehe...

Sweettooth said...

ok then, kem salam to sabaq & azmi. apa dia nak pesan?

Dazzelyn said...

pesan beli t-shirt kat h.kong..hehe