Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happening Hong Kong

On the third day after breakfast, we have to take the ferry transfer from Shenzen back to Hong Kong. Once we reached Hong Kong it is just in time for lunch. I had lunch at the Islamic Centre. I must say that the food is 'sedap'.

I must say that Hong Kong people are very rude!! I heard so much about them being rude and all but i get to experience it myself! There is no 'excuse-me', its practically okey for them to push u or just elbow you. We end up saying sorry! The only polite and friendly people can be found only in Hong Kong Disneyland!!

First of all, we were taken to the famous must-go 'Victoria Peak'. Took a tramp up. I was so in love with the weather, its soooo cooling. Too bad the pictures didn't turn our nice cos it was a bit misty. We get to see whole of Hong Kong and Lantau Island with our naked eyes but its didn't look nice in camera.

Later we were taken to the Tsim Sa Shui (Avenues of Stars). Its nothing much there except that you can see the 'walk-of-fame' for the famous hongky actors/actresses. Its was s short stop just to take some pictures and enjoy the scenery.

After that we went to Canton Road Ocean Centre for some shopping. Its like Starhill in Malaysia with all their branded items. I so badly wanted to buy something original!! I went to their boutique like Chanel, Miu Miu and Burberry but could not find anyting that caught my frustrated!! I tried looking for Etienne Aigner but i could not find one!! I managed to get of nice Hard Rock t-shirt for huby....i don't like their baby-T, hence i didn't get any for myself. After dinner we were taken to the Ladies Market (Mong Kok Road). Its just like Petaling Street but with much more things. Of course if you go HK, you must go to their Esprit, Sasa, Giordano and Benetton. Their things there are much cheaper if you compared to the same brand apalagi, shop till you drop lar!!!

Second day, we were taken to Lantau Island and took cable car ride up to enjoy the village. We all had lunch at Novotel Citygate Hotel. After lunch, shopping time again at Tungchung Citygate Mall. The place is like Pavillion and they have so many outlet there, eg, Adidas, Nike, Puma, Esprit, Giordano, etc. And i must confess their price is so much cheaper then the ones in Malaysia. Even their Body Shop things are cheaper. Best shopping kat situ!!

All of us in one cable-car!!

Next stop, Disneyland!! Yayy. I must confessed Hong Kong is the smallest Disneyland in Asia. At the moment they only have Adventureland, Tomorrow Land and Fantasy Land. I get to watch the 3D animation and ride on the train. We stayed till 8:30pm cos we wanted to witness the fireworks. It was allrite! I just got myself a disney t-shirt and some souveniers.

After Disney, back to Ladies Market for some last minute shopping before we leave tomoro. We all enjoyed the trip very much. The tour guide were excellent and the group that we had were just amazing!

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