Sunday, March 23, 2008

Shenzen, mainland China

First day we arrived in Hong Kong airport, we were given an hour an a half to have our lunch. At the same time we took the opportunity 'jalan-jalan' around the airport. I had Popeye's shrimp value meal which cost me a freaking HK54!! Later we had to go to a ferry terminal for a tranfer to Shenzen. The immigration takes forever. After pulling our bags to the coach, we were taken to Windows of the World.

The place were fabulous. Within one day, you are able to visit many famous sites from different countries. You can find Angkor Wat, Cambodia as well as European architectural splendours such as Eiffel Tower, Ancient Athens, London Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa, Colosseum, etc. I'm impressed with the Pyramids and Sphinx and the Niagara Falls. Except for Manhattan and New York, to me, its not that impressive. Too bad KL Twin Towers are not there!

We stayed at Best Western Felicity Hotel. Not a bad 4 star hotel. Its just a walking distance to the Louhu mall.

I had my diner at a muslim restaurant and surprisingly the food is tasty. In fact for my 2 days stay there, the food has been satisfied.

The next day, we went to Louho Commercial City Mall. They have thousands of small shops there that sells imitation original. I was told that they have a grades to the imitation goods, from C, B and AAA. I didn't buy much of imitation goodsbut a few cute pouches for soveniers. We didn't spend much time there cos after that we had to go for another tour.

Visited 'Splendid of China'. It has more then 80 replicas of typical Chinese ancient buildings. Among them are the Great Wall of China, the Imperial Palace, the Temple of Confucius, etc. They have China Folk Cultures Villages. We took a tramp to go around the place and take photos of the beautiful sceneries. I enjoyed mostly their Cultural Dances, i find it spectacular. They are very professional and their stage technical is so international standard!! They also performed ancient battle. There were 4 performances altogether but one peformance were not allowed to take pictures. Its like skimming through the Chinese history at every step and touring around China in one day.

The tour ends late evening. I was mostly tired so i didn't join some of the girls who wanted to continue their shopping at the mall. I put a nite quite early on the second day which is so unlike me....but i guess i was too damn tired.

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