Friday, March 14, 2008

Sri Chin Thai Restaurant

Yesterday the committe members for NSC meeting were treated for lunch at this Thai Restaurant. The reason to it was becos we had a successful NSC meeting in January and yesterday is the only time we get to gather for lunch. We used to frequent this place becos its quite near to the office. There were two tables but only 14 of us.

We ordered Tomyam seafood.

Sizzling Taufu (memang shiok!)

Steam Cod-Fish (tender & succelent)

Fried 4types of vegetable (their specialilty, very nice!)

Fried chicken with thai sauce (sedap!)

Sambal sotong (so-so lar..)

Thai Fried Rice (not to my liking, very sticky)

Longan & Sea coconut (too sweet)

Overall the gatherings were fun cos we get to exchange gossips with other members from other department.

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