Monday, July 30, 2007

My Weekend

Saturday, huby and me planned that we wana spend quality time together...doing nothing but eating, shopping and lepaking. Sounds is nice! Went to The Curve and got our parking at 10:30am. Walkabout for few hours, went to Metro sales, tryout a few skirts but didn't buy any. We planned to have our lunch at Eden cos they are having 50% discount on their Dim Sum. Tis our 3rd time enjoying their 50% off. Worth it!! But we prefer Eden Curve rather then Eden Subang Parade (their service sucks!!). Ate a lot till we don't have any more space for dessert. After lunch, went to Ikea and then Ikano. Go visit the Branded Factory, they sell branded stuff at reasonable price....and so, i bought a few stuff for myself (accessories mostly).

My legs were already so wobbly after many walks and since its just in time for 'tea-break' we dropped by Starbucks for some ice-blended frappucino and Famous Amos macadamia chocolate cookies while watching people walk by. We sample their latest addition of frappucino, Azzuri, its addictive. Next time, i mustgo for it!! Oya, at the same time. the Curve was organising squash final competition. After the tea-break, we watch Azlan Iskandar and Nicole Ann David performed an outstanding game and won!! So proud of them! Nicole is so much cuter when you see her in person and Azlan is a good looking guy too. After the game, went straight back home to my parent's place.

After refreshing ourselves, took my parents to Nelayan Titiwangsa Restaurant for dinner together with bro and wife. Its been a long time since we last went but since my parents have never been there, thot we'll let them try lah. Furthermore, we wanted to go ride on 'Eye of Malaysia'.

Reached the restaurant at 6:30pm. Once we placed our order we walked to the Taman Titiwangsa for evening walks. Only after Maghrib prayers we had our food cooked. We had butter prawns, crispy squid, seafood tomyam, kangkung belacan, steam-siakap nyonya style, beancured + crabmean and lemon chicken. I think i only enjoyed their soft crispy squid and the beancurd. Out of 10 points, huby gave 4 but i'm giving 3 only. Kelana Seafood Restaurant gave much tastier seafood. We enjoyed the bonding but the food was so-so. Altho we were entertained by their 'Cultural Dance' but food was quite a dissappointment. We're not going there again and they've lost a customer already.

After dinner we had our short walk at the park again, its becos we're too full and need to excercise to let the food go down so more, hehehe.. Later we wanted to go and ride the godolas but unfortuntely, there was a long queue and we could not go cos its already late nite...hmmm...there's always next time.

Sunday, huby and me went to Mid Valley pulak. Got our parking at 10:15am...can you imagine there were so many cars already occupying the parking spaces. Actually, i don't really fancy Mid Valley cos my fave is always One Utama but since we wanted to eat at Long John's Silver, we've no choice but to go there. Another outlet of LJS has been closed at OU. Went to Metro and huby paid for a new pair of white handbag at a good deal. Its my first time buying a handbag, other then black. I'm a very very boring person i must say. Nowadays, i don't dare wear other colour then black. I've tried few years back where i bought a brown handbag but it didnt last me very long and its just a waste of money especially if you buy a branded ones. And yes, i've got plenty of handbag and all of them are in 'black'. That goes same with shoes, sandals etc. Boring huh!! After college, when i first started work, i was considered very hype (perasan!), so i've got handbag from red, blue, green and even orange....but way...takut. After married, i'm more of 'black' handbag and shoes type of person.

So this time, i wanna try to be a bit daring, that is to wear a white handbag and white shoes...hehehe...wish me luck?? Wat the hell for lar?? Sale-sale everywhere, so rugi if you didn't get anythign right, and so got myself with 2 pieces of blouses at discounted price.

Its time for lunch and if you lurve fast food and like 'batter-type. Try Long John's Silver...they've got good grilled dory fish and good batter dory fish. And we lurve their speciality, fries. Their coleslaw (better then KFC) and the Clam Chowder soup is good too. We were too full to even go for dessert.

After lunch, we walk and walk and walk till evening and head back home. At home, just laze and read all the sunday papers. Then went to my auntie's house for dinner. She cooked Rendang daging + perut + paru....fuhhh....sodap gitu!!
And so that is my weekend story for this week. Can't wait for next week cos we're gonna watch movie.

Friday, July 27, 2007

Classic Pedicure

Today, Y, M, L, S and me went to Subang Parade for lunch....well actually, we didn't take our lunch. We went to SP with a mission, that is to get Pedicure and Manicure...hehehe..

Left office at 12:00pm sharp. Parked the car and rush to 3W. Luckily we made reservation a day before.

This morning we purposely had heavy breakfast so that we won't be so hungry during lunch. The 4 of us (Y, M, L and me)had our padie but unfortunately, we could not get a manie cos there wasn't enough time and we had to rush back to office. It was fun tho' cos its the first time for us to go there together. M did her waxing and said they did a good job. L lurve the padie cos its her first time ever doing a padie. S did do cos she's craving for 3W Penang Asam Laksa, so she just went straight ahead and have her lunch there, alone! Y and me just enjoyed the relaxing process.

In the end, we all just had our 'Classic Pedicure' and back to office in a jiffy. We learned that we will only do it after office-hour (no rushing and more relaxing). Our next appointment will be any other next Friday, after office, 4:00pm.

Monday, July 23, 2007


I saw a Little Black Book (LBB) blog and saw their advert about their sister shop, 3W. So this afternoon, my fren, L & M went to Subang Parade and wanted to tryout their cafe. 3W is a newly opened boutique cum cafe cum nail shop. 3W stands for What Women Want. The place is just a neighbour to Bonita.

We reached the place around 12:30pm and there were so many people at the cafe already. They've got Penang Asam Laksa, Prawn Mee and arrays of desserts. L had Keowteow Goreng, M had Nasilemak and i had Meehoon Goreng. The food was tasty and generous on the prawns plus price is reasonable too. After paying for the bill, we spent the whole lunch-hour at the boutique.

I've been to LBB in Uptown but unfortunately they do not have sizes for plus women (like me). So i can only buy their handbags, shoes or accessories. 3W also adopt the same concept. Nevertheless, i got myself a nice pair of black shoe for office-wear at a steal and M bought a nice unique necklace.

Later we went and inquiry about their pedicure and manicure pricing...very reasonable. Maybe this friday, we're gonna try. They also do leg-waxing (yahoo)...What more do u want in a 'one-stop boutique'.

When you go to Subang Parade, don't forget to go and have a look at 3W.

Friday, July 20, 2007

Congrats Bee!

Congrats my topic for today.

17th July 2007 is one of the most happiest day of my life (and huby too). Huby got a call in the evening that he won a contest from his favourite newspaper!! I was in the kitchen preparing for dinner. I heard him talking on the phone in our room. Then he came out from the room and came into the kitchen (to where i was) and said "Yes bee, i won RMxxK in the contest for the weekly prizes!!"....i wuz stunned at first and then we hugged and congratulated him.

Yeah, its his first ever to enter a contest and won big!! He also qualifies to the grand finale rounds!! And the prizes are better and worth it! Every participant is guaranteed a prize.

I'm so proud of him!! Actually i have to praise myself too for encouraging him to enter it, hehe. I mean why not rite! He reads the newspaper everyday of his life without fail...and this year in conjuction of the 50th Merdeka, the newspaper organised this great contest....i don't see the reason why he should not enter it. And wow!! Lady luck was on his side...i mean...looking at the chances and odds of winning...its considered tough man!!

I'm soooo happy for him. I know it is solely his own effort cos he is the one who made sure that he cuts out the contest form, then cut-out manila cardboard to ensure that it fits the form, paste the form on to the manila cardboard, fill-in the details and post it. He also ensures that he reads thoroughly and answers the questions correctly. Its all him! That is why i sincerely think he deserved the win. Like what my fave cuzzy said, he's having the momentum now...he might/will strike again...hopefully bigger and bigger win-lah!!

While still sinking his thots of what he's gonna do with the cash, one thing for sure, he's treating both his and my families for 'Makan Busat'...can't wait! And for those who knows.....we'll treat u to good food too. Afterall, one's gaining is everyone's sharing...watever that means..hehe!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Movie Reviews

Huby n me have been going for movies almost every week now. Its something that we enjoyed, anyways. We just don't wanna missed any block-buster. We saw Fantastic 4...hmmm....its just a so-so one for me. I expected more but i think the strenght of the movie is more about the Silver Surfer, too bad he only had a few lines.

The best is of course The!!! I've got to give them two thumbs up!! The movie is just so great. Prime Optimus & Autobots saves the day against the bad Megatron & Decepticon!! Arghhhh...i don't mind watching them again. The movie first day collection 'break-record' against Pirate of The Carribean - At Worlds End in the USA. The join-venture of Steven Speilberg and Michael Bay are just awesome!! Those who have not watch em...please do so. Huby and me thinks, Transformers are definately 'Movie of the Year'.

We can't missed Die Hard 4.0....the movie is alrite. John McClane is being John McClane...full of action and bloddy and so die-hard. But i enjoyed the movie nevertheless.

Just last week, we saw Harry Porter and the Order of the Pheonix. To me, the movie has lost its magic. I wanna see more magic spell and more magical/wizadry stuff....but its all about Harry and his fight againts the dark Lord Voldermort. Hmmm...i'm wondering whether the next installation of Harry Porter is gonna be better??

I won 2 free tickets to watch a movie premier 'Because I Said So', starring Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton on Thursday nite. The best thing is it will be my first ever to experience 'Starlight Cinema' (Asia largest outdoor cinema). They've changed venue to KBU International College. Can't wait to give a review about it later. Hope the weather will be good that nite.

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SODs - Fun Trip

Frens are asking me to put in more photos of the SODs having fun in the sun during our trip to Bintan. Well, i'm putting in some of the fun times. Beach time was the best time, wish they have longer evenings. Breathing the 'angin-laut', playin with sea-waves, checking out girls in bikinis...hehehe.

During our visit to the Dolphin Lodge, the SOD group were the first to go down and play with the dolphins. Another batch of group would have to wait for about an hour for their turn. We were having so much fun, until someone spoils it and told us that the second group complained that we were noisy??!! Heloo....??? FYI, dolphines just lurves attention, they will interact more with us when we give them lotsa attention. We were having so much fun, we didn't realised that we were noisy....but i don't think it gives the dolphine nonsense!! Those people just doesn't know how to appreciate dolphines. Its too bad their dolphins doesn't interact much with them!! Whatever said and done, the SODs enjoyed the dolphin experience and to whoever you big mouth, you're just so bloddy jealous and can't stand our happiness. Lucky thing, we've got a great boss who just doesn't bother what people say about his 'Girls'. He knows who we are and how we are. BTW, he's in the photos. To our 'Ah Boss', you're the 'bestest' boss anyone could have!!

Enjoy those "Happy Moments" photos.

Monday, July 02, 2007

Club Med Ria, Bintan

We had a splendid time in Club Med Ria, Bintan, Indonesia. We all travelled to 3 different countries, Malaysia-Singapore-Indonesia, through 3 different modes of transport, travel by road, air and!!

Arrived Singapore on the 1st day and went for their bustling City Tour. Stopped by China Town for a good 1hr shopping. Later adjourned to Tanah Merah jetty for a 55 minutes; fully air-condition ferry ride to Bintan. Boat ride was quite a drowsy/giddy experience as the waters are very choppy and most of us are already beaten up after the flight from Singapore. Once we reached Club Med, we were greeted by all the cute GO's (Gentle Officers)and some refreshments. And boy! The Chief of Village, Mr. Ryan Machi (like a GM or MD) is handsome! Its my 2nd trip to Club Med, first being Club Med Cherating, Kuantan.

Every nite, the GO's plus Ryan will give a performance for guests. Every nite there'll be different theme of performance. We enjoyed all the 3 nites performances. Very energetic, creative and funny.

They have charming and scenic beach shaded by tall trees and cute huts for those who wanna sunbathe. Facilities include (all time snacking - food was damn good!), 2 decks swimming pool, restaurants, bars, For water sports enthusiasts - snoorkling, windsurfing, sailing, kayaking & water scooter. I only get the chance to tryout kayaking. Didnt have time for sailing cos they're only open from 4-6pm. What a waste!! But we went to the beach and play with their white sandy beach.

In the morning, they have Powerwalk, Aerobics, Yoga, But i didnt join any of em. We did tryout Archery. They've got Tennis, Squash, Badminton, Ping-Pong, all kinds of courts, you name it!! They've got basic Golf lessons which we missed! Plus the famous Trapeze! We didn't try it, chicken out, i guess!!

Went to the Dolphin Sanctuary. Its a chance in a lifetime!! To swim with Dolphins. This is our male Dolphine, named Agus and me!

Went to Pasar Oleh-Oleh. Not much of a shopping place, to our dissappointment lah...sigh... Nothing much to buy and we're soooo looking forward to go back to Club Med cos that's where the happenings things are.

We spent our shopping mostly at Changi Airport. Once we reached the airport, we wasted no time and went straight to Charles & Keith and indulge in their latest shoes and kiasu!!

After 3 nites, its time to go sad!! We had so much fun in the sun!! But i missed home too.

Road Trip to East Coast

I just lurve road-trip. When i was small i dreaded it so much cos i would be dizzy, giddy and somtimes vomit. Of course! Those days, we don't have good road systems. Now we have PLUS highways and the journey take less and less compared to last time. Thanks to huby too cos he's whom i called 'Mr. Highway Man'. He lurve driving and going for road-trip. He is the man responsible introducing me to road-trips. I think becos of that, i'm able to cope with dizzyness and giddyness...heh..heh..

My parents, bro n wife, hub n me went to Kuantan last Thursday. My dad had to attend a course in Kuantan. So after fetching them, we head straight to Kuala Terengganu. It is a long journey but the coastal road was refreshing cos you get to see beaches and coconut trees along the way (i just lurve beaches!!). We stayed 2 nites at Batu Burok Beach Resort, KT. Went to Pasar Payang for their famous Batik Terengganu Caftan and keropoks. I think the old and 'buruk' pasar will be shifting to a brand new, good looking 'Central Market' just opposite. 2008 is Visit Terengganu year, so i suppose they're in the mids of beautifying the place. In the evenings we go to Batu Buruk and had a little 'piknik' on the beach while eating our keropok lekor and tid-bits. KT is a slow-town. Not much of things to see unless you go to their famous Pulau Kapas or Pulau Redang or Pulau Perhentian. Coincidently there's a carnival cum fun-fair in town, after diner we just jalan-jalan there. They have a mini-concert. We managed to see Farhan AF performed a song. I think she was from the Astro mini-concert sponsor.

We headed to Kuantan and stayed another nite there. Went to the Pasar Malam and jalan-jalan town.

Overall this trip is all about bonding and eating...eating...and eating. Its our first trip as a family of 6 pax. My sister-inlaw enjoyed the trip and so were we!! My parents are so generous to sponsor our stay, hehehe. So we treat them lunch and dinner and all the in-between meals...hehehe.

On the way back to KL, we made lots of stop-over. Mostly by the sea. Just to munch tid-bits and grab those nice pics. Then made a stop-over to buy nira kelapa, then lemang and then durians and lastly reached home safely.