Monday, July 02, 2007

Road Trip to East Coast

I just lurve road-trip. When i was small i dreaded it so much cos i would be dizzy, giddy and somtimes vomit. Of course! Those days, we don't have good road systems. Now we have PLUS highways and the journey take less and less compared to last time. Thanks to huby too cos he's whom i called 'Mr. Highway Man'. He lurve driving and going for road-trip. He is the man responsible introducing me to road-trips. I think becos of that, i'm able to cope with dizzyness and giddyness...heh..heh..

My parents, bro n wife, hub n me went to Kuantan last Thursday. My dad had to attend a course in Kuantan. So after fetching them, we head straight to Kuala Terengganu. It is a long journey but the coastal road was refreshing cos you get to see beaches and coconut trees along the way (i just lurve beaches!!). We stayed 2 nites at Batu Burok Beach Resort, KT. Went to Pasar Payang for their famous Batik Terengganu Caftan and keropoks. I think the old and 'buruk' pasar will be shifting to a brand new, good looking 'Central Market' just opposite. 2008 is Visit Terengganu year, so i suppose they're in the mids of beautifying the place. In the evenings we go to Batu Buruk and had a little 'piknik' on the beach while eating our keropok lekor and tid-bits. KT is a slow-town. Not much of things to see unless you go to their famous Pulau Kapas or Pulau Redang or Pulau Perhentian. Coincidently there's a carnival cum fun-fair in town, after diner we just jalan-jalan there. They have a mini-concert. We managed to see Farhan AF performed a song. I think she was from the Astro mini-concert sponsor.

We headed to Kuantan and stayed another nite there. Went to the Pasar Malam and jalan-jalan town.

Overall this trip is all about bonding and eating...eating...and eating. Its our first trip as a family of 6 pax. My sister-inlaw enjoyed the trip and so were we!! My parents are so generous to sponsor our stay, hehehe. So we treat them lunch and dinner and all the in-between meals...hehehe.

On the way back to KL, we made lots of stop-over. Mostly by the sea. Just to munch tid-bits and grab those nice pics. Then made a stop-over to buy nira kelapa, then lemang and then durians and lastly reached home safely.

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