Monday, June 25, 2007

Father's Day

Every year we celebrated Father's Day without fail. This year its more meaningful because there's 6 of us instead of the usual 5. My bro's wife joined us. The nite before, my mom called us to the house for some simple home-cooked dinner. We had her to-die-for Chilli Crab, Dried Prawns with curry leaves, Sweet & Sour Pomfret & Egg Salad.

We didn't get the chance to take Papa to hi-tea like we used to becos I had to leave for overseas (ehem..) the next day. And so we took him for 'steamboat', Papa's favourite. Of course he always enjoyed himself to the treat. Hub n me got him a shirt (like always) and he loved em.

At the same time, we celebrated Mama's birthday, which also falls on the same day! We gave her a Pearl Brooch for her scarves. It was a small-scale celebration and we promised that we'll celebrate again when we go for a holiday to East Coast end of this June. Wow!! Do i have a packed June or what!!

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