Monday, June 25, 2007

Holiday up North

Early this month, went for a 5D/4N holiday up North with my in-laws. It was a fun trip and we went for a 3 cars convoi to Alor Star, Kedah and Bukit Merah, Perak. We left KL on Friday morning. Had few stops and reached Alor Star late evening. Its been a long time since I last visited Alor Star and I liked to see the many paddy-rice fields, lotsa greens that soothes your eyes.

Its even more fun cos hubby and me get to meet our couple friends (A & S) as they went back to the girl's hometown. They came to our hotel for a chat. My in-laws also got a family friend visit and they treated us dinner at the hotel. Went to the famous Pasar Rabu and bought many of the local's delicacies eg. dodol, kuih karas, cakar-ayam and kuih-loyang and they're very tasty. Actually we had to attend a wedding occassion at Kodiang, Kedah on Saturday. Its about 45 minutes drive from town. After staying 2 nites, we left to Bukit Merah Resort, Perak. Good family outing, especially for kids but i too enjoyed it nevertheless. And i've to thanked my MIL cos she's sponsored all our accommodation. She rarely goes for family holiday but when she wants all her children and in-laws to go, she's definately generous!! Thanks ma!

On the way back we stopped by Yik Mun's famous up-graded coffee-house. I'm sure every one of us used to frequent there when we had trips with our parents up North. We ate from their famous hot-steam buns to their delicious Hokkien Mihun, Cantonese Fried Rice to their soupy Yong Tau Foo...hmmm....a trip to remember!!


Sweettooth said...

eh how's A&S?? still same as b4??

Dazzelyn said...

Yeah, still d same. Of all d places 2 meet, end up in Kedah...hahaha