Friday, August 28, 2009

Last week's makan with my colleagues

A day before fasting, a colleage ME brought us (three of us) to Puchong area for lunch. She brought us to "Bibikwok", a Nyonya and Thai cuisine restaurant.
The ambiance is very nice but the location is quite far for me to bring bee. Generous food portion and price range from RM8.00 to RM15.00 per ala-carte dish.
The food were good. I had meehoon siam. The rest had nasi goreng and pineapple rice.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


First of all i would like to wish all fellow Muslims around the world, Happy Ramadhan. May Ramadhan brings lotsa blessings from Allah s.w.t.

On the 1st day of Ramadhan, i went back to my inlaw's house for berbuka. We were all soo busy till the berbuka time tat i forgot to take photos of the food. We left S'ban on sunday evening becos we wanna beat the weekend traffic. We juz bought nasi ayam from the bazaar ramadhan in TTDI which was a dissappointment.

I took two half-day leaves yesterday and day before. Bee is not feeling well and so i decided that i take 2 days half-day to babysit him. Well, actually i took half day so that i can cook for our break-fast. I managed to cook simple dishes. Yesterday we had beef & potatoes porridge with kangkung belacan and the day before i made 'sup-ketam' and vege dish. We alwaz accompany our berbuka with a piece of dates first.

Today is the first time i had to leave my bee at home. I was invited to break-fast with the PA committee members. But after 'sahur', i managed to fry a pompfret-fish and make sweet & sour dish for bee for his 'berbuka'.
We all didn't wanna go far, so we had fish and seafood for our break-fast at Sub.Parade. The committee member include SH and me for the 'makan' cos we helped them take photos during the team-building suweet of them.

After berbuka, we were sooooo full but BN insists that we ordered dessert. I shared 'mud-pie' with SH and the rest had ala-carte ice-creams.

Oya, i met my dear fren there, hopefully we get to berbuka together soon.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Nilai Springs Resort

I didn't know this place existed till last monday when i had to attend a 2 days teambuilding & workshop for the PAs. The hotel is not bad lah.

There were 15 of us. We went with 2 mini-vans. Reached hotel at 10am and checked in. By 10:30 all of us were already at the lobby for our first half teambuilding. The first round we had break-the-ice activities which we had do much laugh. The next activity were 'stepping stone, tyre crossing, ayun bridge and commando walk. The obstacle wasn't tough but we have to learn about strategic planning, open communication, thinking out of the box and lotsa teamwork.

After lunch we all had to continue our second round outdoor activities. We had minefield crossing which requires communication, planning and execution. This is my second time doing the minefield and it is also the first time i came across a very unique way of crossing the mines. After that we had high-ropes and flying fox (which i didn't do due to my ankle).

Before dinner, since we have about 2 hours of rest, my roomate & i sempat lagi go to the pool for a dip....actually it was a massage...

Dinner was at the hotel's japanese fine-dining restaurant....too bad the food was not up to my standard plus the service is s...l....o...w....

After dinner, we all adjourned to the lounge for some drinks and live-band. We didn't stay up till late cos the live band were....yawn--yawn....

The next day, we had a little outdoor activity.

Went to the driving range which is only a 3 minutes walking distance from the hotel. Each person were given about 100 golf-balls to hit. It was quite fun becos most of us had never hold a golf-club before and its not easy okey. The instructor gave us a few tips but we aint avid we don't put much interests lah...hehehe.. Lastly we all did our 'war-cry'...."GO-GO POWER PA"...wohooo...

After bathing in the hot sun, we all went back to our rooms to refresh ourselves and change into our corporate outfits (which we bought at Dorothy Perkins). Went for a short workshop. We all received a certificate each from the event organiser for completing the outdoor obstacles. Last session was congratulation each other with hugs and pat at the back for job well done!!

I had so much fun, as usual i get to de-stress and also did a lot of bonding with other PAs from other department.

Tis pic is me with my new cropped hair.... hehehe...

Friday, August 14, 2009

Eat Workshop

Have u been to 'Eat Workshop'? We had our department lunch there today.

Its a fine dining restaurant hidden in between the bustling factories surrounding it. Ahboss couldn't join us, so there were juz the 6 of us. We had main dishes and shared desserts.

Our ceaser salad (which we shared) were very very good!!!!

I had 'Blacken Dory Fish', some had steak, salmon and chicken....all dishes were juz delicious.

Dessert was good.....juz icing to the cake.

Eat Workshop
No. 9, Jalan Peguam U1/25
Glenmarie Business Park
40150 Shah Alam
tel/fax : 03-5569 7753

Chomel Cupcakes

We had a department meeting today....a brief one cos ahboss is bz. However, today's meeting was arranged as a decoy..... i've planned a birthday cake surprise to one of our colleagues who's birthday is next week but won't be around.

I make d plans wif ahboss and he's happy to oblige. I ordered cupcake from a blog two weeks ago but the person who's suppose to do it back out last minute. So i frantically had to find someone who can do it on short notice & staying in klang valley so that i can pick em up.

Found tis blog and she's awesome, no fuss at all. She's trusting n i don't need to bank in any deposit, all i need to do is COD. And the cake was good cos i told her to lessen sugar/sweetness on the cake and icing. I asked for fondant icing (n her work r good!) and for 25 pieces of 'M' size cake, she only charges me RM70, very reasonable.

Do visit her blog, Chomel Cupcake.

Ahboss loved it , the rest gave their approval....n b'day girl is happy.

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Semut The Movie

I sooo want to support our local movies....i always wanna try give them a chance by going to the movies and buy the tickets. Last week, i read in the local newspaper that this movie has very good 'terpengaruh'(influenced) wif the review, i forced bee to watch it wif me....he's sooo reluctant but u know lah him...alas he gave-in jugak..hehehe...

This movie, directed by Khabir Bhatia, a comedy genre and has many popular cast.
In 1847, Lord Arthur Barring asks a watchmaker to invent a postal stamp. However, an Indian governor laughs because there are some mistakes on the stamp. Lord Arthur Barring got angry and decided to throw away the stamp. 160 years later, Barring's grandchild, Charles Barring IV, produces the stamp at a press conference, now worth millions of ringgit. Scheming Joe (Afdlin Shauki) and Sid (Rashidi Ishak) want to steal the stamp. However, they are not alone....
....(the rest of the story, you all watch lah, maybe next year it will come out in one of our local tv channels...hahahaha...)

My verdict : a forgotten movie....1 or 2 funny liners but the rest...sigh...sigh....sigh....

Monday, August 10, 2009

Visiting & Anniversary Dinner

Yesterday was a pack day for me. Fetched my parents and left for Punc*k Alam around 1pm. My bro & his wife tag along. My parents planned that we visit mama's bro who's staying there. We reached the place quite late cos my parents had to attend to a wedding first.

Once we reached uncle Y & anty R's house, we were ushered to the dining hall. Anty R has prepared all the delicious food. I missed her sedap dishes. We loved her 'kampung' main dishes that day which is kerabu taugeh & kerang, masak lemak ikan kering & terong, dhall sayur, sambal belacan & ulam2, tenggiri goreng sweet/sour & ayam goreng for my bro who juz can't live without chiken...

Its been a long time since we all last met them so its a nice weekend that mama has arranged for us (anak-beranak) go and visit them.

After lunch, coffee/tea & keropok & watermelon were served. Later we all 'sembang-sembang' & left the house juz before asar.

At nite, we took our parents for their anniversary dinner at Na*do's. (only two people lost weight in this pic, bee & my sis-inlaw....while the other two has gained weight tremendously..hehehe). Went to Sub.Parde....and the place were full. With h1n1 pun, people still wanna go out and shop kan.

After diner, i had to leave cos i promised to bake a cake for the office....for saje-saje. Tried baking semolina cake (also known as sugee cake). I got tis recipe from a recipe book which hubby bought for me in 1997. Its from a renowned person, Zakiah Hanum. I muz tell you all, don't trust that book. My cake turned our dry and hard....i dono what went could it be wrong izen it??? Arrgghhh.....!!!!

Above all tis, its a nice sunday for me.

Saturday, August 08, 2009

My parent's anniversary is today & Oats Cookie

Today is my parents 39th Anniversary. I prayed that they'll always be healthy & happy. Will bring them for makan tomoro but before that take my parents for visiting tomor, my mom misses her brother. They used to be close but nowadays hardly meet cos everyone is bz with their own families. Mamapapa dowan us to buy anyting for them, they juz wanna go for makan.

Anyway, today i'm in d mood to bake. After hearing from the news yesterday that the H1N1 is getting serious, bee and i decided to cut down on going out to the malls. We'll only go out for short wile. So after breakfast, i took out all my pots and pans (literally speaking) and start my mission.
D recipe is easy, took it from internet. All u need is 1 cup of butter, 1 cup of flour, 3 1/2 cup of oats, 1 cup sugar & 1 teaspoon of vanilla essence. Mix everything. I used heart shape cookie cutter to shape the cookie. And brush the topp with egg yolk. Bake it for 20 minutes...n done.
And the results? Wah....bee loves it lar!! I find the recipe true (not bluff ones) and my parents gave their approval too. Looks like tis will be one of the raya cookies that i'll be making lah. My mission tis year is not to buy raya cookies. I muz try and make it!! No more buying.