Wednesday, August 26, 2009


First of all i would like to wish all fellow Muslims around the world, Happy Ramadhan. May Ramadhan brings lotsa blessings from Allah s.w.t.

On the 1st day of Ramadhan, i went back to my inlaw's house for berbuka. We were all soo busy till the berbuka time tat i forgot to take photos of the food. We left S'ban on sunday evening becos we wanna beat the weekend traffic. We juz bought nasi ayam from the bazaar ramadhan in TTDI which was a dissappointment.

I took two half-day leaves yesterday and day before. Bee is not feeling well and so i decided that i take 2 days half-day to babysit him. Well, actually i took half day so that i can cook for our break-fast. I managed to cook simple dishes. Yesterday we had beef & potatoes porridge with kangkung belacan and the day before i made 'sup-ketam' and vege dish. We alwaz accompany our berbuka with a piece of dates first.

Today is the first time i had to leave my bee at home. I was invited to break-fast with the PA committee members. But after 'sahur', i managed to fry a pompfret-fish and make sweet & sour dish for bee for his 'berbuka'.
We all didn't wanna go far, so we had fish and seafood for our break-fast at Sub.Parade. The committee member include SH and me for the 'makan' cos we helped them take photos during the team-building suweet of them.

After berbuka, we were sooooo full but BN insists that we ordered dessert. I shared 'mud-pie' with SH and the rest had ala-carte ice-creams.

Oya, i met my dear fren there, hopefully we get to berbuka together soon.

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