Friday, August 14, 2009

Chomel Cupcakes

We had a department meeting today....a brief one cos ahboss is bz. However, today's meeting was arranged as a decoy..... i've planned a birthday cake surprise to one of our colleagues who's birthday is next week but won't be around.

I make d plans wif ahboss and he's happy to oblige. I ordered cupcake from a blog two weeks ago but the person who's suppose to do it back out last minute. So i frantically had to find someone who can do it on short notice & staying in klang valley so that i can pick em up.

Found tis blog and she's awesome, no fuss at all. She's trusting n i don't need to bank in any deposit, all i need to do is COD. And the cake was good cos i told her to lessen sugar/sweetness on the cake and icing. I asked for fondant icing (n her work r good!) and for 25 pieces of 'M' size cake, she only charges me RM70, very reasonable.

Do visit her blog, Chomel Cupcake.

Ahboss loved it , the rest gave their approval....n b'day girl is happy.

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