Monday, August 10, 2009

Visiting & Anniversary Dinner

Yesterday was a pack day for me. Fetched my parents and left for Punc*k Alam around 1pm. My bro & his wife tag along. My parents planned that we visit mama's bro who's staying there. We reached the place quite late cos my parents had to attend to a wedding first.

Once we reached uncle Y & anty R's house, we were ushered to the dining hall. Anty R has prepared all the delicious food. I missed her sedap dishes. We loved her 'kampung' main dishes that day which is kerabu taugeh & kerang, masak lemak ikan kering & terong, dhall sayur, sambal belacan & ulam2, tenggiri goreng sweet/sour & ayam goreng for my bro who juz can't live without chiken...

Its been a long time since we all last met them so its a nice weekend that mama has arranged for us (anak-beranak) go and visit them.

After lunch, coffee/tea & keropok & watermelon were served. Later we all 'sembang-sembang' & left the house juz before asar.

At nite, we took our parents for their anniversary dinner at Na*do's. (only two people lost weight in this pic, bee & my sis-inlaw....while the other two has gained weight tremendously..hehehe). Went to Sub.Parde....and the place were full. With h1n1 pun, people still wanna go out and shop kan.

After diner, i had to leave cos i promised to bake a cake for the office....for saje-saje. Tried baking semolina cake (also known as sugee cake). I got tis recipe from a recipe book which hubby bought for me in 1997. Its from a renowned person, Zakiah Hanum. I muz tell you all, don't trust that book. My cake turned our dry and hard....i dono what went could it be wrong izen it??? Arrgghhh.....!!!!

Above all tis, its a nice sunday for me.


Sweettooth said...

recipe book hardly boleh dipercayai. I prefer recipes fr internet and newspapers anytime. thanks for the pix of your visit to uncle N and aunty R :).

Dazzelyn said...

hehehe....yea sure....i was so teruja...lupa nak amik gamba wif ur parents...sigh....