Friday, July 20, 2007

Congrats Bee!

Congrats my topic for today.

17th July 2007 is one of the most happiest day of my life (and huby too). Huby got a call in the evening that he won a contest from his favourite newspaper!! I was in the kitchen preparing for dinner. I heard him talking on the phone in our room. Then he came out from the room and came into the kitchen (to where i was) and said "Yes bee, i won RMxxK in the contest for the weekly prizes!!"....i wuz stunned at first and then we hugged and congratulated him.

Yeah, its his first ever to enter a contest and won big!! He also qualifies to the grand finale rounds!! And the prizes are better and worth it! Every participant is guaranteed a prize.

I'm so proud of him!! Actually i have to praise myself too for encouraging him to enter it, hehe. I mean why not rite! He reads the newspaper everyday of his life without fail...and this year in conjuction of the 50th Merdeka, the newspaper organised this great contest....i don't see the reason why he should not enter it. And wow!! Lady luck was on his side...i mean...looking at the chances and odds of winning...its considered tough man!!

I'm soooo happy for him. I know it is solely his own effort cos he is the one who made sure that he cuts out the contest form, then cut-out manila cardboard to ensure that it fits the form, paste the form on to the manila cardboard, fill-in the details and post it. He also ensures that he reads thoroughly and answers the questions correctly. Its all him! That is why i sincerely think he deserved the win. Like what my fave cuzzy said, he's having the momentum now...he might/will strike again...hopefully bigger and bigger win-lah!!

While still sinking his thots of what he's gonna do with the cash, one thing for sure, he's treating both his and my families for 'Makan Busat'...can't wait! And for those who knows.....we'll treat u to good food too. Afterall, one's gaining is everyone's sharing...watever that means..hehe!

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Sweettooth said...

CONGRATS babe!! Gila babas siyot...bukan senang nak menag wei!