Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Movie Reviews

Huby n me have been going for movies almost every week now. Its something that we enjoyed, anyways. We just don't wanna missed any block-buster. We saw Fantastic 4...hmmm....its just a so-so one for me. I expected more but i think the strenght of the movie is more about the Silver Surfer, too bad he only had a few lines.

The best is of course The Transformer...wow!!! I've got to give them two thumbs up!! The movie is just so great. Prime Optimus & Autobots saves the day against the bad Megatron & Decepticon!! Arghhhh...i don't mind watching them again. The movie first day collection 'break-record' against Pirate of The Carribean - At Worlds End in the USA. The join-venture of Steven Speilberg and Michael Bay are just awesome!! Those who have not watch em...please do so. Huby and me thinks, Transformers are definately 'Movie of the Year'.

We can't missed Die Hard 4.0....the movie is alrite. John McClane is being John McClane...full of action and bloddy and so die-hard. But i enjoyed the movie nevertheless.

Just last week, we saw Harry Porter and the Order of the Pheonix. To me, the movie has lost its magic. I wanna see more magic spell and more magical/wizadry stuff....but its all about Harry and his fight againts the dark Lord Voldermort. Hmmm...i'm wondering whether the next installation of Harry Porter is gonna be better??

I won 2 free tickets to watch a movie premier 'Because I Said So', starring Mandy Moore and Diane Keaton on Thursday nite. The best thing is it will be my first ever to experience 'Starlight Cinema' (Asia largest outdoor cinema). They've changed venue to KBU International College. Can't wait to give a review about it later. Hope the weather will be good that nite.

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