Tuesday, July 10, 2007

SODs - Fun Trip

Frens are asking me to put in more photos of the SODs having fun in the sun during our trip to Bintan. Well, i'm putting in some of the fun times. Beach time was the best time, wish they have longer evenings. Breathing the 'angin-laut', playin with sea-waves, checking out girls in bikinis...hehehe.

During our visit to the Dolphin Lodge, the SOD group were the first to go down and play with the dolphins. Another batch of group would have to wait for about an hour for their turn. We were having so much fun, until someone spoils it and told us that the second group complained that we were noisy??!! Heloo....??? FYI, dolphines just lurves attention, they will interact more with us when we give them lotsa attention. We were having so much fun, we didn't realised that we were noisy....but i don't think it gives the dolphine stress....total nonsense!! Those people just doesn't know how to appreciate dolphines. Its too bad their dolphins doesn't interact much with them!! Whatever said and done, the SODs enjoyed the dolphin experience and to whoever you big mouth, you're just so bloddy jealous and can't stand our happiness. Lucky thing, we've got a great boss who just doesn't bother what people say about his 'Girls'. He knows who we are and how we are. BTW, he's in the photos. To our 'Ah Boss', you're the 'bestest' boss anyone could have!!

Enjoy those "Happy Moments" photos.

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