Friday, July 27, 2007

Classic Pedicure

Today, Y, M, L, S and me went to Subang Parade for lunch....well actually, we didn't take our lunch. We went to SP with a mission, that is to get Pedicure and Manicure...hehehe..

Left office at 12:00pm sharp. Parked the car and rush to 3W. Luckily we made reservation a day before.

This morning we purposely had heavy breakfast so that we won't be so hungry during lunch. The 4 of us (Y, M, L and me)had our padie but unfortunately, we could not get a manie cos there wasn't enough time and we had to rush back to office. It was fun tho' cos its the first time for us to go there together. M did her waxing and said they did a good job. L lurve the padie cos its her first time ever doing a padie. S did do cos she's craving for 3W Penang Asam Laksa, so she just went straight ahead and have her lunch there, alone! Y and me just enjoyed the relaxing process.

In the end, we all just had our 'Classic Pedicure' and back to office in a jiffy. We learned that we will only do it after office-hour (no rushing and more relaxing). Our next appointment will be any other next Friday, after office, 4:00pm.

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