Monday, July 23, 2007


I saw a Little Black Book (LBB) blog and saw their advert about their sister shop, 3W. So this afternoon, my fren, L & M went to Subang Parade and wanted to tryout their cafe. 3W is a newly opened boutique cum cafe cum nail shop. 3W stands for What Women Want. The place is just a neighbour to Bonita.

We reached the place around 12:30pm and there were so many people at the cafe already. They've got Penang Asam Laksa, Prawn Mee and arrays of desserts. L had Keowteow Goreng, M had Nasilemak and i had Meehoon Goreng. The food was tasty and generous on the prawns plus price is reasonable too. After paying for the bill, we spent the whole lunch-hour at the boutique.

I've been to LBB in Uptown but unfortunately they do not have sizes for plus women (like me). So i can only buy their handbags, shoes or accessories. 3W also adopt the same concept. Nevertheless, i got myself a nice pair of black shoe for office-wear at a steal and M bought a nice unique necklace.

Later we went and inquiry about their pedicure and manicure pricing...very reasonable. Maybe this friday, we're gonna try. They also do leg-waxing (yahoo)...What more do u want in a 'one-stop boutique'.

When you go to Subang Parade, don't forget to go and have a look at 3W.


Sweettooth said...

yup i wanna try this place too but dah lama tak pergi SP. nxt time take photos lah and put in the blog ;) said...


We hear you and we are currently in the midst of adding plus sizes to our collection. Thanks