Saturday, March 08, 2008

Polling Day & Results

This morning i was quite excited to go voting! I woke up early and dress-up and get ready to go to the Sekolah Rendah Kelana Jaya. I was there at 7:45am. Once i register myself at the SPR counter, i waited at Lane 3 to cast my vote. I'm glad to be able to do my part as a Malaysian citizen.

Now at the very moment, i'm typing my blog while listening intensively to the polling results. I'm so sad to know that Sharizat lost. She worked hard to fight for women welfare. Its just so sad n shocking!! I'm also sad that Lee Hwa Beng lost to a young newcomer who all these while stayed in Shanghai!! Both of them has really worked their butt-off man!! Tan Sri Khalid being the MB for Selangor?? I think I'm ok with it after-all he's not that extreme!

Whatever it is, things has happened. Its up to everybody to look back and ponder. I guess I'm ok with the results. I think it will be an eye opener to everyone. I believed that things happened for a reason (a couple fren of ours said that too). I hope and prayed for peace in this country!

I have no other words. I just want to live happy, no discrimination and have multi-intergration among other races. ...Change is good...i guess...

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