Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Old shoes & purse

My frens were asking me why do i need to buy new shoes when i can always use old shoes for my HK trip. I told them, i usually buy stuff when its either 'rosak', 'koyak', 'pecah' or 'kopak'. I will not buy expensif stuff un-necesssary lar...usually! Most of the time, its something that i don't have or something that needed replacement. But its an exception for 'retail-therapy' ya, itu kita mesti buy something lar...he.he...

This shoe was given by my sis-inlaw years ago. I wore this when i go overseas or outstation trips. Its made of leather and very very comfy. I kept it in the shoe-cabinet, few weeks ago when i check it, its beyond repair as the fungus has monopolise most of the sole area, so grotty.

Last sunday, I was doing spring-cleaning, so i too a pic of it. That is why i bought the new nike cos it needed replacement. I threw some others shoes too which has been in the shoe-cabinet and which has not been worn for a long time.

Since i was with the camera oredi, i also took a pic of the purse that needed replacement too. Its so sentimental....so hard to part with it.

So guys!! Bukan 'mengada-ngada' ya....memang benda perlu di-beli.

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Sweettooth said...

weehooo....dazzelyn semakin rancak memblog....best..best!