Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Ah Boss B'day

Today is our ah boss birthday. But since he's not in today and tomoro cos he has to attend some workshop in Shangri-la, KL, we decided to have his cake yesterday.

I ordered cup-cake from Wondermilk. I've been wanting to tryout their b'day range. I ordered the Maxi25, coffee flavoured. We ordered 2 weeks ago for the 29th but since ahboss was away, last minutely i had the date changed to the 28th. And since their delivery is very late, i had to go and collect the cuppies via cab with my colleague. Who wants to drive to Uptown with this raining season?? Taking a cab was much easier and faster.

After collecting the cuppies, we called all the colleagues who were still around during the late evening. Surprisingly, my boss loved the cuppies, in fact he was impressive, hehehe, tak sangka pulak. I thot i wanted something different.
I think its too much sweet for me, even d cake is sweet, i could not eat all, i just had half. But the rest kinda like it....funny!

All went well!


Sweettooth said...

i bought my cuppacakes y'day. neva bought the coffee flavour. i'm a coffee addict but hate any form of coffee flavoured cakes, i know...i'm strange like that hehee..

btw, how r u and hubby now? take care ok.

Sweettooth said...

u hv been tagged by me. check out my latest posting ok. buat lah, tak pernah nak buat tau....