Friday, April 04, 2008

J.Co Donut & Jack's Place

Got my increment letter yesterday. Alhamdulilah, better then last year. This afternoon went out lunch with huby. Went to Sunway. Later i thot of buying a dozen of J.Co donuts to sort of 'sedekah' for my office-colleagues. I end up buying 2 dozens of the same flavours!! But, no, its not for me, all of em are for the guys in the office....for tea-timelah.

Tup-tup huby paid for it. He said nevermindlah, i yang happy get increment but he wanna pay for it...hmmm...i pun okeylar, hehe.

I'm still recovering from my fever. I do not have my 100% energy yet....i'm hoping it will come back soon!! I haven't been having good appetite to eat but i do eat to ensure that i have energy.

Last monday, when i was at home on medical leave the whole day, huby came back home and said that we go out for western food. He thot that it could give me appetite to eat. So we head off to Sunway Pyramid and wanted to try out Jack's Place there. I liked the ambiance but this time the food is so-so. Probably i was too sick to taste food but i guess its gona be a long time before our next dine in Jack's Place.

I had fish n chips...wats new??

bee's chicken n beef grilled

Oya, i've uploaded some pic in my previous blog. That's all folks. Have a great weekend!


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CONGRATULATIONS!!! Let's go out again next month heheee.. Bestnyer, ur colleagues dpt J.Co yumyum.

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