Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Waroeng Penyet

Finally last saturday, bee and i get to sample the place. We ordered a set of the ayam penyet, sup buntun (oxtail soup) and gado-gado with 2 sets of rice. I had Sosro Tea while bee had es gembira.

My verdict for the tea....ewww....sorry ya, not to my liking! I find it a bit bitter. Bee luves his drink and it did made him happy!!

I didn't expect the restaurant to be like a 'fast-food' concept. I expected more. But we still go ahead and try cos i read in Sweettooth's blog, memang nampak sedap!

I liked the ayam penyet, sedap!! But eeww...not the soup. I can't take it cos i think the soup taste too beefy. Yes, true, i don't take meat but i can usually sample its soup or kuah. But this one's taste too strong. The gado-gado memang sedap.
We'll still gonna give it a second try this weekend. I'm taking my parents there cos my dad liked Indon food. So we'll see how nanti.

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Sweettooth said...

babe, teh sosro must be drank chilled, but bila dah tambah ais batu for me dah diluted so tak kaw! nanti kat bali, minta yg dlm botol and straight out fr the fridge. but if u dont like the original teh sosro, i think u'll like its green tea and mixed fruit tea...also brand Sosro, but only in Indonesia lah, sini tarak.

notice tak the tempeh in Waroeng Penyet tastes better than ours? do u like tempeh?