Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Road to Recovery

I'm back to work only today. Was on medical leave for 2 days. Last Sunday all my in-laws came and visited us. In the evening i suddenly got high fever and flu. Monday went to see the doctor and she gave me 2 days off from work. For the 2 days, i just rest and rest and rest. Bee also did the same.

Both of us are on the road to recovery. I must say that bee is much more stronger then i am. He's more positive and more optimistic. I on the other hand is still on the weaker side and really have no energy to do anything except some easy house-work. Bee is the one who's been helping me to clear the dishes, sometimes wash the dishes, sweeps the floor and made the bed....he's such a blessing.

My work-place is in such a disasterous state. Lots of pending work to do...n i must say it sucks!! Probably cos i'm still on medication and also my throat is still tasteless. I hardly eat, tapi weight tak pulak turun-turun, heran betul!!

Hoped & prayed that we'll get better and well soon, insyallah!!

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