Monday, August 18, 2008

Breakfast at Ikea

Ikea restaurant in Ikea have morning breakfast promotion at very cheap price. For RM0.99, you'll get a plate of mihun goreng with sambal plus a mug of 'free-refills' of tea/coffee. Where can u get man?!!

Last year also they have a promotion for breakfast too. But its different, I think it for RM5, you get a plate of nasi lemak, mug of tea/coffee and 2 boiled eggs.

Last saturday, bee n me made a trip to Ikea restauarnt for the breakfast promotion. With our mihun goreng each, we also ordered 5 pcs of chicken wings for only RM9.00. And it is sedap!! It was definately a worth feast.
Try the chick-wing, the marinate is tasty and its tender too. Memang berbaloi!!

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