Saturday, August 09, 2008

Beijing Olympics 08-08-08

Did u guys watched the live-telecast of the Beijing Olympics? Spectacular isn't it? Bee and i always looked forward to the opening ceremony of big events like this. The last time we did was sit on the couch and wait for the Australia Olympics(2000) and Athens Olympics (2004).

The hype of Beijing's preparation (months back) and finally on the successful opening. We think China put up a stunning pageant. I learnt that its directed by an acclaimed movie director Zhang Yimou. The performance were just superb. I especially liked the glowing globe which dancers/acrobats were attached to the cable and walked around the globe were simple amazing! Don't you think the umbrella which opens up to children's picture were impressive?!! Its colourful and culturally rich!!

To me, the National Stadium, known as the bird's nest is just extra-oridinary and i also liked their aqua stadium which looked like an ice-cube at nite.....simply spectacular aint it? Of course the fire-works were just great! Their fire-works were not only toward the end but most of the time. I am so proud that we, Asian's proved that we can do better then the Westerners. Go China!!

We also watched our Malaysian team with their 'malaysian' attire. Both of us always looked forward for the American team also cos usually they have the largest team but not this time, cos China has the biggest team. But for the Olympics this year, its ackward to see Korean not coming as 1 team, instead they come in two different team. And its also 'kesian' to see some poor countries coming to participate but their spirit of sports is amazing. There were more then 200 countries that participated and some of the countries, you didn't even know that they existed.

The show closes after midnite but its worth the wait, hehe. Bee and i looked forward on the athlethics events, especially the 100metres event. And no, we're not supporting Tyson Gay but the Jamaicain (Assofa Powell and Usin Bold) guys....we hoped they beat Tyson....hehe..

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