Monday, August 04, 2008

Bumbu Bali

We had an outing with some frens last saturday nite. They're Marcia and her bf Victor, her cousin Marina and her bf Adi. We met at Bumbu Bali. According to bee, its the same franchise as Ole-Ole Bali.

View from outside

2nd floor ambiance

The food is of courselah sedap and so is the company. Its our first time meeting M's bf and also her cousin & bf. They were funny bunch of people and we enjoyed their company. The place were practically full-house. We had our meals on their second floor and by dinner time it was totally full. The ground floor is even full when we came in.

Me, Bee & Victor ...too bad, Marcia is not in d pics... :(

Me (again) with Marina & Adi

Bee's Seafood Platter (RM26.50)

My Chicken Apokat (RM16.90)
Ciabatta bread (a bit hard) with chicken grilled to perfection with salad at the bottom.

Marcia's Lamb Chop (23.50)

Victor's Beef & Lamb Combo (RM30.50)

Marina's Chicken & Lamb Combo (26.50)

Adi's Nasi Kambing Bumbu (RM21.50)

Marina & my Green Apple Splash (RM8.90 each)....something different and refreshing.

Overall this place is happening-lah becos the food is good and tasty and the place is cozy. If you wanna go for some fusion Bali food, come to Bumbu Bali. Bee was so in his good & generous mood and so he treated us all. Thanks bee!

Bumbu Bali
17 & 18-1 Jalan Persiaran 1
Bandar Puteri
47100 Puchong
Tel : 03-80618699


Delia said...

helluuuu!!!! I've always wanted to go to Bumbu Bali tapi tak pegi2 lagi! I should make a point to go when i go back for the hols! =)
re: bout the LC Montclair tu, I have not come across it. If i can find one in black like u wanted, price dia inclusive of sales tax, shipping and handling is around rm320. let me know if u're interested ya? thanx!

Dazzelyn said...

i baru je baca ur comment...silly me...