Friday, May 01, 2009

Happy Labour Day..Happy Holiday..yay..

Happy Labour Day. I always looked forward for holidays...especially if it falls on Friday....horray. That means i only get to work 4 days a week this!!

Fetched my parents before noon. Took them to Putrajaya, just to jalan-jalan and to show them Pullman hotel. My parents appreciates its building architechture. We brought them to all the hotel wings and make them pant walking..hehehe...

Later, huby drop mama and me at Souq cos papa n him gotta go for friday prayers. After the prayers, we took them to Alamanda for lunch. This is the first time we took our parents to Black Canyon, bee's treat. Since papa wanna eat rice for lunch, we ordered rice wif dishes. Papa is all praise for their food and we will take them to this restaurant again for its ala-carte.

Chicken wif mushroom

Seafood tomyam, papa enjoyed slurping its soup

Oyster sauce mixed vege, i enjoyed tis dish, very tasty.

Spicy prawn & chicken

Another vege dishes with fish

After jalan-jalan or so, we took them back home for them to rest. While bee and me continued our journey to a warehouse sale in Puchong. M called and said the t-shirts here are cheap and we all managed to get a few of the lot....hehehe..

For dinner, papa treated us at Pelita restaurant. Bee took us to the subang jaya branch, he liked the environment there. We ordered simples dishes and i tried its new tea with brown sugar...sedap!! We all had desserts at home.....durian with putu-mayam & fresh milk...perghhh, sedap!!

After diner, we went back home juz in time to watch the One in a Million. When the emcee announced that Esther votes is ahead of the rest, i must confess that i voted for Tomok!! Yes, true, Esther is good but if you watch the transformation of Tomok since he first joined, u'll be impressed with his improvement. I don't care what people said, i voted him and i'm glad that he won cos he deserved it!!

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