Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Our boss's birthday

Today we had a low-key celebration for our boss. No singing b'day song for him in d ofis. Instead we took him to a Thai restaurant, treat him lunch and present him d b'day cake.

As usual, he's impressed with the presentation....chewah. Since he's an avid photographer and his hobbies are taking photos, i've got this latest camera photos for the cake. He loved it!! And he told us the actual camera actually cost about RM28K!!

Check out the cake. Not bad huh....i'm kinda of impressed too.

Its blueberry cake...for a change! And taste good too...non too sweet. I'm juz tired of cheese cake oredi but maybe the next b'day cake i hafta order a cheese cake cos the rest of us juz can't resist cheese cake.

I juz liked to do things diffrently, i don't like mediocre stuff....sometimes must do sumtin different to get of out of the norm things. I make effort for the rest of the members in my team too...i juz don't do it for my boss but for the rest of them too. I ain't bias!!

We had these for lunch. Ordered simple dishes, as per each of our own fave.

Happy gettin ol' ahboss.

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