Monday, April 27, 2009

Seoul, Korea (Day 7)

Our hotel, Seoul Palace Hotel is about 15-20 minutes by cab from Namdaemun or Dongdaemun. Nevertheless, its location is strategic cos it is near the famous underground shopping mall and Shinsagae Mall.

After breakfast, all of us took the time to rush to the underground shopping mall which is about 15 minutes walk (fast-walk) from the hotel. An interesting mall that has hundreds of shops selling everythings, u name it, from ladies stuff, men's stuff (clothes, shoes, bags, accessories, etc) to household lah tis place.

We took pic with their local guide (Ms. Min and Mr. Danny). Min is a very knowledgable tour-guide. We are so lucky to get her cos she makes our bus-ride interesting and non-boring. We got to know that Min was featured in Astro when Mawi visited Seoul for their promotion.
We are satisfied with all the arrangements and everything went well. All the days were filled up with a balance of visiting and shopping. So far, i have no problem with them. I'm also happy n satisfied with the meals that they provide to the muslim people. Altho we get the chance to eat halal food like Indian and Pakistani food but i'm also glad that they gave us the chance to sample "Bibimbap" and also "Kimchi" which is so sedap.

At the airport, we simply took tis pics....konon-konon sedihlah nak tinggalkan kota Seoul.

I also took the chance to take pic with Korean Airline cabin-crew...she's so cute! The truth is, the service is very very good and the 'halal' food that they served us were simply delicious.

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