Wednesday, April 15, 2009

I'm stressed!!

Took leave today. Reason being, wanna run errands and take time off work. I've been away for nearly a week, i guess i wanna 'jalan-jalan' and go for makan wif bee. Plus, i've been really stressed at work....yes before and after d trip. I'm soo tired after work and i'm so worn out. I need to de-stress myself with bee.

After running errands, went to OU, had lunch at DD, i had Spicy Thai Speghetti and bee had grilled chicken. Later went to TGV and wanted to check out any nice movies to watch. Decided to watch "He's juz not that into you".....cos Jason Bateman is in. The movie turned out to be a 2hours show....quite draggy but we both learnt something about 'relationship'.

Later went back home and lepaq. Had wholemeal bread for dinner with sardines in sunflower oil from Tesco UK (got my sis-inlaw to buy for me...its only 0.94 kan)...and taste really good.

On a short note to cousin F, thank you so much for the chocolates. She never fail giving me, my favourite Cadbury choc..., next time juz buy 1 bar cukup, okey. Thanks.

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